Sunday, March 11, 2012

Guess Where I'm Going?

Hey girls! For spring break I'm visiting a fun destination- and I'd like you all to guess!
Okay, so I'm visiting one state and two cities. I've posted some hints below to help you guess the cities. Have fun!

City #1
-you can "sea the world" here
-enjoy a trip down a river
-"REMEMBER THE _ _ _ _ _!"

City #2
-on an island
-means "Body of Christ"
-USS Lexington

Enjoy and happy guessing!


Mary said...

1 - umm, Alamo?

2. Corpus Christi!

Are you going to an AGP or taking aG dolls along?

Priya said...

Hmmm, I don't know... I have a guess for City #2, though, Corpus Christi? I don't know if that's an actual place, but on Google Translate I translated Body of Christ into a bunch of languages and Latin sounded right...

Lexie said...

I have absolutely no clue!!! I only leave the state to go to the beach! We go to ocean city and then we went to Pittsburgh when I was little.

Claire said...

#1 - San Antonio! (I love this city. Like; seriously. A LOT.)

#2 - Corpus Christi! (I haven't been in about a year, but it's fun there too!)

Mary said...

*AG, not aG

Now I think 1 is Maine, is it too late to change my guess? Maine is next to the sea, and "Remember the Maine!" was the battle cry of the Americans during the Spanish-American war, if I remember right. I only know this because my brother is a total history nut. ;)

Georgia said...
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Kit Snicket said...

You are going to...

1. San Antonio (where the Alamo took place)

2.Corpus Christi

Georgia said...

Remember the alamo..... Texas, San antionio I should know The Alamo is in San Antonio because I have been there many times with my family


LoveAgandpuppies said...

Hey! My penpal lives in San Antonio! I went there once. It was cool!