Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome Home Kirsten!

Photographer: Gabby
Kaya, Kaylen, Kirsten-Gabby

It was a normal day in my AG area.

Kaylen was e-mailing some of her friends and

Kaya was sketching flowers.

Suddenly, they heard a noise. "What was that?" Kaya asked.

"It's sounds like footsteps. Maybe we should see who it is." Kaylen replied.

The girls slowly approuched the end of their room when they caught sight of....

Kirsten! She was back from the hospital, looking better than ever!

"Hi Kaya, Kaylen! How are you?" Kirsten asked.

"Oh, Kirsten! We are so glad your back!" Kaylen exclaimned as the girls crowded around, her hugging her and asking how she felt."We've missed you so much!"Kaya said, "Maybe you should go and change first and then you can have some lemonade."
"I would like that!" Kirsten replied.

Once Kirsten was changed into one of her comfortable pionner dresses, she asked, "So, what have you been doing while I was at the Doll Hospital?"

"Well we went to school, and had a music lesson there!" Kaya answered.

"And we had an indoor Spring picnic!" Kaylen exclaimed.

"Wow! I cannot wait to see Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Catherine! Sounds like you had a lot of fun." Kirsten replied.
We are sooo happy to have Kirsten back with us!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guest Post by Gabby's Mom. . .

Gabby's mom here. I thought you might like to see a photo story by ME! We had a package on our front door step last night. I called Gabby downstairs to open it. . .

Guess what is was?
Kirsten came back! Looking WONDERFUL!
Her new head is beautiful, she came in a hospital gown with a balloon. . .
And a band on her wrist that said American Girl Doll Hospital. . .
Gabby is thrilled!
Kirsten even got a Certificate of Good Health!
Kirsten is so happy to be back in her own bed. . .
Gabby is so happy too! What impressed me the most was how quickly we got Kirsten back. We sent her off last Tuesday and she was back this Friday, only a week and a half! Welcome back Kirsten--Gabby's Mom

Gabby here- I would recommend the Doll Hospital, Kirsten came so fast and her hair is much better! (not the best pictures of me)

Friday, January 29, 2010

What to do.............

Hey! I want to make my blog a more exciting place, but I don't what you want to see! Do you want to see more pics, polls, photostories, or posts? I'd love to know what you think, please comment and tell me what you want to see!

PS: I am missing Kirsten so much! Has anyone ever sent their doll to the Doll Hospital? I would love to know, I really want her to have nice hair!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Show and Tell Wednesday week 11

Hey! Well last Saturday, I set up my dolls to have a picnic- indoors! They got tired of the winter blues and wore summer outfits and ate colorful food.

This chain of Show and Tell Wed. was started by Liz.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey, so as you know, I had a giveaway for some duck pajamas. Well the winner, Leah sent me some pics yesterday of her Bitty Twin and Lanie in the Pajamas- so cute!

Also, today I found an awesom YouTube account by Sitara. She uses her dolls to create a Stop-Motion video based on "Chrissa Stands Strong". They are all great videos and you can visit them here. You can also visit her blog here.

Pajamas, Chrissa, and Polls

Hey! This is one of those "weird" posts.

First with the Pajamas.

You know those Duck Pajamas I gave away? Well, Leah (the winner) got them yesterday and set me some pictures of her dolls in the pj's!
She put her new doll, Lanie and her bitty twin in them- they look so cute!

Second Chrissa-

For all you Chrissa/Sonali/Gwen fans, they have basically all of Chrissa's collection still in stock (except the doll Chrissa, her sewing table, pajamas, and swimsuit)! If you really want some Chrissa's stuff, I would get it now because they will probably discontinue the items in February.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A School Day

Writer and Photographer- Gabby

Dolls- Rebecca, Catherine, Elizabeth~Kayla

Kaya, Kaylen~Gabby

It was a normal day at A. Adams School for Girls

"I mean it was this big! And using my fabulous ninja powers I-" Rebecca began.
"Oh, Becca you are such a drama queen- in a good way!" Kaya giggled.

"Hello, Catherine!" Kaylen greeted her friend. "Hey!" Catherine replied.
While the girls were chattering away, Ms. Cole arranged her files and papers.

When she was ready she announced, "Hello girls. I am subsituting today because Ms. Larson is at the hosipital. Fortunatly she will return soon. In the mean time, I have some great lessons today, first is handwriting."

The girls listened intently as Ms. Cole spoke.

She then, raised the sheet and explained what it was about.

She even wrote that on the board.

Once she got her worksheet, Kaya began to write very neatly.

After everyone done, Ms. Cole collected the papers and announced that they were going to go to music class.

They all lined up to go to music class.

Once they got there, the girls chose their instruments. Rebecca with cymbals, Kaylen played the xylophone, and Kaya and Catherine chose maracas.

Rebecca clanged the cymbals together happily. She liked learning about melodies and beats.

Kaya especially enjoyed her maraca, it was such a bright color and fun to shake.

"OK class. Now as much fun this has been, we now have to go eat lunch. If you are buying yours, go to the cafeteria," Ms. Cole instructed.
While the girls were getting ready to eat, Ms. Cole wrote something on the board.

Rebecca, Kaya, and Kaylen enjoyed their hot-lunch of cake and pizza.

While Catherine brought hers.
The girls talked away at lunch, nibbling on there food. Kaylen even tried to sing- with cake in her mouth. It was so funny!

After their meal was over, Ms. Cole passed out the math tests. "Ah, man!" Kalyen mumbled- she hated math.

Rebecca, however, was great at math and was done within a matter of seconds.

While the class was test taking, Ms. Cole brought down her bag. She had a great history lesson up her sleeve.

Once the girls were done and the papers collected, Ms. Cole explained,"For your history lesson, the next couple of weeks you will read a historical fiction book about a girl your age. You will get to do a book report on it at the end of next week."

Ms. Cole then handed out the books, Meet Kit for Rebecca, Meet Rebecca for Kaya and
another Meet Rebecca for Catherine and Meet Samatha for Kaylen.

The whole history lesson was spent reading.

"OK class. School is over. The only homework is too read you historical fiction books!" Ms. Cole announced.

"Yes! Then I will have enough time too practice acting!" Rebecca cheered.
Everybody laughed then packed up their bags to go home.
"Bye Girls!" Ms. Cole called as they left the classroom.
"Bye!" Catherine exclaimed.
I hope you enjoyed this photostory! Please leave a comment!