Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Old or New: This or That?

Hi! This is a fun little this or that game where you choose the old or improved AG outfit. Enjoy!

One the left is the 2008 'Cozy Star Robe' or on the right is the 2004 'Bubble Robe'. This or that? I like the Bubble Robe the best.
Spring Dresses
 On the left is the 2010 Petal Pink Outfit or on the right is the 2004 Garden Party Outfit. This or that? I like the Petal Pink Outfit.
Skateboard Outfits
 On the left, is the new 2011 skateboard set or on the right is the 2008 skateboard outfit. This or that? I like the new 2011 outfit the best!
Two-in-One Swim Sets
 On the left is the 2008 Two-in-One Beach set or on the left is right Two-in-One Surf Set. This or that? I prefer the Beach Set.

So what do you prefer?


Emily said...

This was a cool post, Gabby. I like the robe on the right, the spring dress on the left, the skateboard outfit on the right, and the 2 in 1 swimsuit on the right.

Emma said...

1. Left

2. Left

3. Right, because my BFF has that and I love it! I just visited her for a week! :)

4. Right!

Spicemuffin and Company said...

I like the Cozy Star Robe, the Petal Pink Outfit, the old skateboard outfit, and the Two in One Surf set.

The Cozy star robe looks so clean, fuzzy and warm! The other robe somehow looks thinner...

I love the petal pink outfit because of the hat! It looks so springlike. The other dress is pretty, but the shoes are ick.

The new skateboard outfit looks weird! Green argyle? (I think :P) Really? And shorts with leggings underneath. I've always detested that style. It's just not right! The old outfit looks just right. I wish I had it!

And, of course, I love the Two in One Surf Set. Actually, I couldn't really decide! I loved the white pants, striped shirt, and pink hat from the other outfit, but I liked the bikini from the surf set better.


Anonymous said...

I like...
The bubble Bathrobe
The Petal Pink Dress
The New Skateboard set
And The two in one surf set

Skylar said...

Gabby why don't you update on your design blog?

Rachel~Doll Girl said...

I think the
Bubble Robe
The Petal Pink outfit
The New 2011 skateboard set
And the 2008 Beach set.

American Girl Dolls Rock!! said...

This is a really creative post.
1. I like the bubble robe the best
2. I like the petal pink outfit
3. I like the 2011 skateboard outfit
4. I like the 2 in 1 beach outfit
Nice post and nice pics!

agdanceprincess1993 said...

I like the old for all of them but the skateboarding outfit and the dress. I like the parts of the skateboard outfit separate but not together.

Lilac said...

I like all the old.:)

Me and doll :) said...

Old one (Right)

New one (left)

New one (left)

Old one (left)

Emily said...

Gabby just changed her blog design a couple days ago? How often do you expect her to update it?

Skylar said...

when I get on the design blog the newest post is dated Saturday Feburary 5, 2011. Can you tell me what the new post she did a few days ago was?

Emily said...

Never mind. I misunderstood you. I thought you were talking about the banner on this blog not her actual design blog.

Skylar said...

Oh it's okay Emily. I was very confused when you said she just changed it.:) Thanks for helping me. I think I may comment again but reword it.

Lexi said...

Why don't you update on Mind On Design? I really like what you are going for and was super exicted fr Summer to see how it will turn out.

Alexa said...

I have a JLY (blonde long straight hair and blue eyes), Kit, and a MAG (long curly black hair and green eyes). I do not want another MAG or Kanani. I want a red haired doll. Any suggestions???

Emily said...

You can try to get Felicity or Nicki off of Ebay for a decent price. If you can't find them Emily is currently available from AG and you can buy her.Hope I helped.

Alexa said...

Emily- Thanks for all your help:)
I've been on other blogs and most people aren't saying Nicki. I forgot about her and relized that she is really cute. But I think my parents would be happier to get one from a magazine.

I go by Skylar/Alexa/Lexie

Mary (M.) said...

Alexa-I recommended Emily on American Girl Fan, didn't I? :D Unless you are a different Alexa.

Alexa said...

Mary M.- I meant people aren't recomnding Nicki. I think Emily is going to be my next doll.

P.S. It was me:)

Caelen said...

1.Bubble Robe
2.Garden Party Outfit
3.2011 skateboard set
4.Two-in-One Surf Set

Emmie's Edition said...

I prefer the 2004 Bubble Robe because its higher quality and I'm planning to buy it off for $4! I prefer the Garden Party Outfit because i am I fan of more modest Spring Dresses and the hat is more to my liking!(Man, I wish I was into A.G. back in 2004) As for the skateboard outfits, I love them both because I have the 2008 one, and I adore it, and I like the 2011 because of the colorful-ness and the "beast" shoes!(I am planning to save up for it!) As for the swim sets, I love them both again because I have the 2-in-1 Surf Set(Go figure!) but back in 2008, I must not of had my head on straight because now I love the 2-in-1 Beach Set!(LOL)

Kitty Cymbeline said...

I like the two in one beach set. I have it for my doll on


Anonymous said...

I like the cozy star robe, the petal pink outfit, the 2008 skateboard outfit and the beach set. The last one was a hard decision! This or that's are so much fun!