About This Blog

Hey everybody! My name is Gabby and I'm a 12 year old girl in Tennessee, who loves American Girl! This blog's main purpose to share news, AG photos, giveaways, and much more with the AG lovers on the internet. I try my best to create a functional, fun, and safe blog for girls (young or old) who like American Girl Dolls.

On my blog, I always try to add new things like polls, photo galleries (see the AG Place Gallery) and the occasional contest or giveaway. I love to 'meet' new online friends and communicate with every reader so leave a comment!

I'm not a perfect Blogger, and I try to make each of my posts fun, or how I would talk to you!

I hope you like my site and share it with others. If you have and questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at iheartamericangirl@ gmail.com.

Thank you for stopping by,


Anonymous said...

do you do bearville? and are you joanna cheer bear 103? if so it is me bear and tell me that you saw it.

Lydia Therese said...

Hey bear! It is so wierd I saw this, but I'm JoannaCheerBear103! This isn't my blog, it's a different one. ;)

~Lydia~ <3

Brylee Williams said...

I'm from Tennessee too.