Monday, February 27, 2012

Warm Weather...

Hello all!

These are some of my better photos from a recent, quick photoshoot that I did with Felicity and Kaya. I chose these to dolls because a) they were American Girl (I love Kaylen, but for the purpose of my headers, I need AG dolls) and b) their hair wasn't done Kirsten's hair is still is loops from the AGP).
And yes, those are ribbons woven through my dolls' hair.
Aren't they cute?

Anyways, I feel so happy. I think it's warm weather- people are generally more positive in warm weather. It's a fact of life, just like Giada de Laurentis pasta sauce is the best ever and potato soup is the best kind of soup there is. For example, I voluntarily played outside, practiced my piano, and worked on my project without being told to. 

It's weird. But I like it. What about? Do you love warm weather like me?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Doll Geography Quizzes (More This Time!) edited

Hey girlies! Last time I posted printable quizzes for your dolls, I asked you what kind of quizzes you wanted to see. Many of you all asked for Canada quizzes! So I made a Canada test as well as one about South America.

For those of you who don't know about these quizzes, they are very easy to use! Just click on the image and print- no scale adjusting or fancy printer stuff needed. (There are also pre-filled with answers- right or wrong- just grade with the Teacher's Key.)

EDITED: My spelling has been corrected. It's now "British"!

Canadian Geography

South American Geography

ps. you can view U.S. and Europe geography quizzes here
pss. please leave suggestions for futures quizzes in the comment section below!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old or New: (Yes, another!) This or That?

Hey girls! Today, here's a NEW This or That? about outfits. Enjoy!
Outdoor Play Outfit (left) or Hiking Outfit (right)
I love both of these! I think both of these outfits are cute and I love the colors on each, but personally (since I already own the Outdoor Play Outfit) I will have to go with the Hiking Outfit!

Coconut Play Outfit (left) or Coconut Fun Outfit (right)
Absolutely the Coconut Play Outfit! I love the bright colors, the cute casualness of it, and just the overall look of it- if it was still available, I would so buy it!

Ballet Outfit (left) or Ruby Ballet Outfit (right)
I think both of these outfits are cute, but I like the Ruby Ballet Outfit the best. I love that there's no pink and how detailed it is!

Beach Pajamas and Slippers (left) or Kit's Striped Nightie (right)
I really like the Beach Pajamas the best. The nautical colors and themes is adorable and the navy blue really complements Kit better than a pink night gown. 

So, what do you think?

ps. You can check older This or That?s on my sidebar. :-)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New American Girl Items!

Hey girls! I'm so sorry for the lack of posting, but I am on vacation and I don't have access to a computer on a timely basis. Anyways, AG released some new items today!
Isn't this cute and summery? I love this new tankini- although I'd rather make my own!
If your doll doesn't like to lounge by the pool, maybe this new camping outfit is right up her alley! 
But what good is a camping outfit without a tent? This new one is bright red and super cute- it looks like the mini ones on display at REI!
If you're a Cecile and Marie-Grace fan, you're in luck! AG has released limited edition outfits for both Cecile and Marie-Grace.
But, if traveling to the pool, state park, or 1854 New Orleans isn't your thing, what about traveling around the world? This new kit comes with maps, stickers- even a doll-sized duffel bag!

So, what are some of your new things? I love the new books and kits!

ps. My sister is hosting a giveaway at her blog. Enter now!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey girls! It's Kaylen here and I just want to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day! Today, I got lots of fun cards and my sisters and I even did a mini-gift exchange! I received the Rebecca mystery- a Bundle of Trouble. It's really good!

Have a happy V-day!
~Kaylen (and Gabby!)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take the Stage ~ Episode 3: Auditions

Hey girlies! I finally edited my third episode of Take the Stage. It's longer than the others because of, um, so interesting new characters.... Enjoy!
What do you think? Also, I'm kind of brain dead for ideas for episode 4. Do you have any ideas- I'd love to hear them!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Move Quote Quiz Winners!

Hey! Without further ado, let's get started!

In 3rd place, we have CLAIRE! (from Claire's Curiosity)
With 20 points, Claire is our 3rd Place winner! Enjoy your blog award!

In 2nd Place, we have SPICEMUFFIN!
With 25 points, Spicemuffin is our 2nd Place winner! Enjoy your blog award!

In 1st Place, we have KIT SNICKET!
With 26 points, Kit Snicket is our 1st Place winner! Enjoy your blog award!

For all who participated, here's a special blog award for you! :-)
Now, here are the answers and characters to each of the quotes!

Quote #1
from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

RON: HARRY'S got a sort of wonky cross and that’s trials and suffering and… uh… that there could be the sun and that’s happiness. So, um, you’re gonna suffer… but you’re going to be… happy about it.
Guessed by:
Crazy Doll Lady, Katelyn, Sammie, Spicemuffin, Kit Snicket, and Claire.

Quote #2
from National Treasure
BEN: I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.
Guessed by:
Crazy Doll Lady, Claire, Anne, Katelyn, Spicemuffin, Kit Snicket, and Claire. 

Quote #3

from Finding Nemo

SQUIRT: WHOA! That was so cool! Hey dad, did you see that, did you see that, did you see that? Did you see what I did?! 
CRUSH: You so totally rocked, Character 1! So my give some fin (slap), noggin (clunck).
SQUIRT and CRUSH: Duuuuude…..
Guessed by:
Crazy Doll Lady, Lexie, Claire, Anne, Fiona, Katelyn, Spicemuffin, Kit Snicket, Quinlyn, and Claire.
Quote #4
from Letters to Juliet
CLAIRE: Dear friends, fifty years ago I went to Juliet’s house in Verona. I wrote her a letter and I asked her a question. And two months ago, I received a reply.
Guessed by:
Lexie, Anne, Katelyn, Kit Snicket, Katrina, and Claire. 

Quote #5
from Tangled
FLYNN/EUGENE: This is bad, this very, very bad, really bad! They just can’t get my nose right! 
Guessed by:
Lexie, Claire, Anne, Fiona, Katelyn, Spicemuffin, Kit Snicket, Quinlyn, and Claire
Quote #6
from Night at the Museum: Battle of Smithsonian
BRANDON: I will literally rent a camper and we will drive across America with my flashlight on your chest.

Guessed by:
Katelyn, Spicemuffin, and Kit Snicket
Quote #7
from National Treasure
POWELL: This is a waste of time! How could a ship land out here?
RILEY: Well, I’m no expert, but it could be that the hydrothermic properties of this region produce hurricane force ice storms that cause the ocean to freeze and then melt and then refreeze resulting in a semi-solid migrating land mass that would land a ship right around here. 
Guessed by:
Crazy Doll Lady, Katelyn, Spicemuffin, Kit Snicket, and Claire
Quote #8
from Felicity: An American Girl Adventure

FELICITY: There are so many things you mustn’t do. You mustn’t walk to quickly, you mustn’t talk too loudly, you mustn’t be impatient… you’re so lucky to be a boy! You can do what ever you like!

BEN: I can’t do whatever I want, I’m an apprentice- I have no freedom!

Guessed by:
Claire, Anne, Katelyn, Sammie, Spicemuffin, Kit Snicket, Quinlyn, and Claire
Quote #9
from Up

CARL: Hey, let’s play a game. It’s called “see who can be quiet the longest.”

RUSSELL: Cool! My mom loves that game!
Guessed by:
Claire, Anne, Fiona, Katelyn, Spicemuffin, and Kit Snicket

Quote #10:
from Clue: The Movie (appropriate for 13+)
COP: You all seem to be very anxious about something.
WADSWORTH: It’s the chandelier. It fell down, almost killed us. 

Guessed by:
Spicemuffin (Way to go! I didn't think anyone would know this one!)

Quote #11
from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
RON: HERMIONE, you are honestly the most wonderful person I have ever met. If I’m ever rude to you…
HERMIONE: I’ll know you’ve gone back to normal.
Guessed by:
Kit Snicket (many people, however, won points off of this quote because they knew the characters, but not the movie)

Quote #12
from National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets
RILEY: We have thirty seconds to disable the alarm.
BEN: Go.
(they disable it)
BEN: You did that in twenty-five seconds.
RILEY: That’s why I tell people to get a dog.

Guessed by:
Kit Snicket and Claire

Quote #13
from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (appropriate for 13+)
WATSON: How did you know I would find you?
HOLMES: You didn’t find me, you collapsed a building on me.
Guessed by:
No one

Quote #14
from Nancy Drew
NANCY: (serious) Excuse me, I have to defuse this bomb!
INGA: (thinks she’s kidding) Oh, totally. Love is a battlefield!
Guessed by:
Kit Snicket, Anne, and Claire

I hope you all had fun!
(Oh, and before anyone corrects me, there 2 Claires who entered)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite Handmade Items!

Hey girls! I love going onto to handmade sellers' websites and looking at all of the creative, fun clothing, accessories, and jewelry that will compliment any style- whether you're a doll or a 13-year-old girl. So, here are some of my favorite handmade items!
You all know my obsession with The Hunger Games trilogy, right? With the premiere of the first movie less than 50 days away, I have to have a Hunger Games shirt! This LOVE tee is right up my alley- and while I may not purchase it, my mom and I may try to re-create it. 
I absolutely love my school desk, and the seller now is selling more! These are amazing doll desks and are a perfect fit for any 18" doll. A bonus? You can buy two of these handmade desks for less than the price of the American Girl desk.
For some odd, unexplainable reason, I really love baseball tees (although I have never owned one myself. But, Liberty Jane is now selling miniature, logo, baseball tees for dolls! If your doll is a fan of baseball (or just loves Liberty Jane) this tee is for you! (They also have the pattern available if you'd rather make your own.)
I love Harry Potter and this Patronus necklace is way to awesome for words! I love the stag and sweet little words bubble necklace. 

So, what are some of you favorite handmade items? Have you purchased any that you really love? Tell me in the comments section!
ps. also, the Movie Quote Quiz answers and blog awards will be up later this week!