Monday, May 30, 2011

Create Your Own Doll School!

Hey everyone! First I want to start off by saying *Happy Memorial Day*! I Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Anyways, do you need something to do this summer? What about creating a doll school room? Or if you already have one, what about organizing it? Well, here are some tips that I hope are helpful!
First, find a small area that could fit doll sized school supplies. The area I use is between my desk and bookcase, but there are many other spaces too- a corner of a bedroom, a closet, or under a desk!
Next, find furniture and place it in a way in your school area that there is plenty of room for accessories and your dolls. Your desks don't have to match- I have a wooden school desk, a white desk, and brown stool that I use for the teacher's desk. I made a simple bookshelf out of an old bead box and stapled it to the wall. Although these pieces are mismatched, they work well for my school room! Also, if you don't have a teacher's desk, like me, I used a stool that the teacher can work on (like a pedestal).
Next, add accessories! I started with the walls and my bulletin board. Add teaching materials like a US Map (you can print one out online) or pictures of international locations. I created a mini poster by placing a doll sticker on the middle of a white piece of paper and then adding what type of clothing the doll wore in historical times. 
Then add teacher accessories! I used Doll School items, but many you can create on your own. File folders can be made out of paint color sample (just fold them over and cut to create the tab) and awards are easy and can be made of paper and pens.
Finally, add books! Book are great teaching materials and are perfect to accessorize in a classroom. They are easy to make- cut two pieces of cardboard and paste them together, then wrap paper over 3 sides of the cardboard, creating book sleeves. You can also use AG mini books and AG magazines.

I hope these tips helped you! Feel free to leaves more tips down below!


Anonymous said...

Cool school Gabby! I find that it's much easier to make a doll school when you have actually purchased the doll school kit AG has, since it already has all the supplies and cardboard for books and an instruction booklet, but if you do decide to go all out and make a school from scratch, I would suggest making sure you have a good amount of papers, booklets, posters, etc. before you start teaching. Otherwise your school isn't as fun to operate since you have to make new worksheets and stuff after only the first day.

Emily said...

That's an awesome school, Gabby. I know how to make a desk for those who don't have store near them to buy one. If you family buys crates of water bottles like mine does, save the tray and cover it in wrapping paper turned upside down so you can see the white side. Then if your family buys paper towel rolls like mine does, save four of them for legs. You also coverer those in upside down wrapping paper and tape if glue them into the corners of your water bottle tray.

Piper (InnerstarU) said...

I just discovered that if you:

1. Go the the AG store and scroll down all the way, there will be a teensy link to the right under "Company Links" called "Bookseller site."

2. Click on it. Click on "View all new titles."

3. TA-DA! You can see new books before they come out on the AG store site!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

What a cute post!

Anonymous said...

Gabby, I used your idea for my doll school. It worked great!!!!


Franki & Lily said...

I just love your blog! The 2nd picture from the top is so cool, the one in the right bottom cornner. Where did you get it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks gabby I did this with my dolls I don't have a printer but I have a few pictures of me and my first doll this is a great idea :)

veronica said...

i am going to make this school as soon as i get time. love it!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm super excited! I want to go make my school set right now! This blog rocks!