Tuesday, March 30, 2010

History Mysteries

Hey! Before Spring Break, I checked out these 2 books from the library. It turns out they were from American Girl! They are from a series called History Mysteries. The books are about 12 year old girls who are living in different areas and times in American History.

Betrayal at Cross Creek by Kathleen Ernst
12-year old Scottish immigrant, Elsbeth Munroe is caught up in the early Revolutionary War when some patriots start threatening her family to join their cause. Soon her cousins and her Grandfather (whom she lives with) marches off to join the Loyalists in the war while she is left to take care of her grandmother. It's up to Elsbeth to untangle her grandparents' puzzling past to find the real traitor. Could there really be a traitor in her midst?
This book is awesome and it really describes the trouble she faces.

Trouble at Fort La Pointe by Kathleen Ernst
12-year old Suzette is forced to leave in 2 different ways- Ojibwe and French. Her father, a French tradesmen has decided to stay with his family instead of trading furs in other ares in Canada. Having broken his contract, he must pay back his debt by winning the fur-trapping contests. But someone is sabotaging the contest and the blame falls on to Suzette's father. Can Suzette find the thief before its too late?
This book was really good! It helped me learn about Ojibwe culture and French trading in 1723.

They were both really good books- I don't know which one is my favorite! I would definetly recommend them!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Bag of Fabric...

Created, Photographed, and Made by: Gabby

It was a normal day in my AG Area.
Kaylen was playing with Pepper.
And Kaya was playing with Coconut.
And Kirsten was pouring Lemonade.
All of a sudden, Pepper took off running!

"Pepper come back here!" Kaylen called.

"Pepper come back!"
Instead of running around the whole room, Pepper jumped into a bag of-
"Pepper! Why are you in this bag of- what even is this- oh, fabric?"
"Yeah, fabric. I think it's Gabby's."
Kirsten and Kaya walked over.
"Yeah it probably belongs to Gabby. We really shouldn't touch it........." Kirsten told the girls.
"Oh what's the harm? Besides this velvet is soooo soft and pretty!"
"Oh all right," Kirsten walked over to the bag. "Hey look at this fringe!"
Then Pepper and Coconut jumped on!
"Pepper! Coconut!" The girls giggled.
The girls then took out all the crazy fabric they could find and designed weird looks.

Kirsten got buried under it a some point....
Kaya added a fun yellow piece of fabric around her waist.
Then, they posed for a pic!

The bag of fabric was actually mine and I got it at ThreadFest. There was this great deal- all the fabric you could stuff in that bag was only a $1! I'm planning to make some doll clothes with my mom's help later.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Books and Souvenirs

Hey! I am so glad to be back home again! But I did love my vacation!

When we had to stop for 3 hours in the Dallas Airport we stopped in Hudson Booksellers. They had an awesome AG book shelf! (the biggest on I've seen since the AG Place)

This is a pic of the front of the shelf.
This is the side. I was surprised to see they had Doll School!
They also sold Chrissa books.
They only sold books on new characters, like Rebecca and Lanie.
We didn't get any books because we already had enough souvenirs- speaking of souvenirs....
I got this adorable little backpack for AG dolls at this great giftshop. It was big and could hold all of my dolls' school things (shown above).

I hope you had or are having a great Spring Break!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hey! Normally I would be posting in color and with plenty of photos- but I'm using the guest computer at the hotel we are staying at.

Well, I hope ya'll are enjoying your're Spring Break (I know I am :-)) and having a fun St. Patricks day!!!

I will have way more interesting posts up soon!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Little Paint (part 4)

Hey! Since my family got a Mac Mini, photoshopping has become a lot easier and neater- better than a PC's paint program

Today, I pulled out PhotoShop and began jazzing up some outfits- here are my results:
I love the streaks in their hair.

I think the black fringe looks better.
This probably my favorite!

I hope you liked 'em!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just a Post

Hey! The reason I haven't been posting much is because I don't really have anything to post about.

I am going to Colorado next week for Spring Break so my posting will be very limited and I won't have many pictures. I think I will bring Pepper or Mini Rebecca and post about there adventures in the hotel room..............

Well, until I post something interesting!

Wow! I used the word "post" a lot! :-p

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ideas for You and Your Doll!

Hey! A week ago I got an e-mail from a blog fan who asked the question: what can I do with my dolls? Well, for this girl and all the others out there, here's a list.

Mix and Match outfits! This is probably one of my favorite things to do! Layer tops, decorate accessories, and create looks for the weather. Visit americangirlfan.com for some great outfit ideas.
Go shopping! If you live by an AG Place, go for a special trip! Take photos, get your doll's hair done, and shop for great doll clothes!

Take pictures! Position your doll like she is doing something- baking cookies, typing an e-mail, or doing work at school. Or take your doll outside and make her look like a model!

Play school! This is one of my favorite activities to do with my dolls. I got plenty of supplies and ideas from the Doll School Kit from American Girl. Our dolls love to go to the little school my sister and I set up.

Hope you like these ideas!

Also- remember when I had my PJ giveaway? Well, the winner, Leah, has opened her blog called All Things American Girl. Her site is awesome- go check it out!


PS Does anyone know how to make a heart appear on the screen? Like when I do I Heart AG, I'd like there to be an actual heart instead of me spelling it out. Thanks!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pine Lake Camp

Hey! A few weeks ago, I came up with an idea- what if I created a camp for my dolls? It would be called Pine Lake Camp after the Outdoor Play Outfit sweatshirt and each day I would have a photostory up about that camp day's adventure. (It would only last for a week) Also any AG Lover send could me a picture of their doll(s) doing a camp activity and it would be featured in a photostory. What do you think? I would love to hear- just leave a comment!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Kirsten in the Spring

Hey! This is my entry for Rose's What Spring Means to You Contest.
Spring means to me the arrival of the cool breeze and bright sunshine streaming down on my face. I love when I can go outside and take pictures, jump on the trampoline, and play with my friends. In this picture, Kirsten in swinging on the hammock while the wind plays with her hair. I hope you like it!

I also made a video of all my pictures that I took (Note: this video is not my entry, but just a collection of photos)

Thanks for reading/watching!


PS If you can't view the video well, view it here

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Show and Tell Wednesday week 14

At Christmastime, I found some doll sized ornaments on my Grandmother's tree. I brought mini Rebecca- she was excited to take a look at them.
It's a little bird-feeder it was perfect size for 18" AG Dolls!