Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Interview with a Blogger: Liz! (I JUST REACHED 100,000 PAGE VIEWS!!!!)

Hey girls! Do you remember last October when I posted interviews with other bloggers like me? Well, I am bringing this back! (You can view past interviews on the bottom part of my sidebar.) To start I'm interviewing Liz from American Girl Fan.

1. What got you started in blogging? When I was younger there weren't many websites about American Girl dolls, so I decided to make my own when I was 14, with my dad's help. :)

2. How many dolls do you have and what are their names? I have 7 American Girl dolls: Molly, Elizabeth, Kit, Mia, Abbey (JLY), Addy, and Felicity.

3. When and how did you get your first doll? I got my first doll Molly in 2003, when I was 9 years old from my Grandma for Christmas.

4. Who is your favorite doll right now? That changes everyday!! Right now my favorite is probably Kit or Addy. :)

5. If you went to the American Girl Place right now, what would you buy? I would definitely buy Cecile, her Parlor Outfit, Crinoline & Chemise, Kanani's Beach Outfit, and some AG Place exclusives!

6. Do you like making videos, taking pictures, or writing posts the most? (that rhymed) Taking pictures!! It's so much fun to see my doll ideas come to life through pictures.

7. What are some of your favorite things (besides American Girl)? I love to write, take pictures (especially of nature), make cards, read, watch movies, anything vintage, bargain hunting (I LOVE a good deal!!), and taking trips with my family. :)

Thank you Liz!

ps. are you a blogger who would like to be interviewed? Email me or comment on this post!


Bella said...

Hi Gabby!
I would love to be interviewed :) I know there are many more experienced girls out there {I have an only been blogging for a few months!} but it would so much fun!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!
Bella :)

Carolyn said...

I would LOVE to be interviewed some time! ;) I'm not too popular or anything, but I still love blogging and my dolls! :D


AmericanGirlFan said...

No thank you, Gabby!! I had so much fun answering the Interview questions!

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving! :)

Your Friend,

Bella said...

Forgot to mention that I'm working out some technical difficulties to my blog, so it may be acting up ;)
Bella :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should interview Caelen @ !

Chloe said...

Hey! I would love to do an interveiw! I'm Chloe from AGDD. Me and my co-author VKPixie really like AG Dolls!


Caelen said...

I would like to be interviewed! Oh, and I didn't comment as Anonymous and say that.

Sammi said...

I would love to be interviewed! Not that popular, but would love to!

Ro said...

Love the interview! I wish I was creative enough to start my own blog. :(

Americangirl#1Fans said...

I would like to be interviewed

lee woo said...

Everything has changed. An interview has become such a confrontational thing. It makes you very defensive. See the link below for more info.