Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011- A Year in Review, My New Year's Resolutions, and Upcoming Features on this Blog

Hi. Wow, that has to be the longest blog post title in the history of the world! Anywhosems, let's get started...

 My 2011- A Year in Review
In January, Kanani gave a huge aloha to go along with her tropical themed attire and long wavy hair. 
Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow on Groundhog Day in February.
In March, Jennifer Lawrence was cast as the heroine for The Hunger Games movie!
The prettiest wedding that I'd ever seen, the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine, captivated the world in April!
In May, we learned that American Girl was going to release, not one, but two Historical Dolls!
Pottermore, J.K. Rowling's new online reading experience, was announced in June.
In July, the most famous boy wizard's journey ended... on the silver screen. 
The Hunger Games teaser trailer premiered at the MTV VMA's in August.
In September, we celebrated those gone, but not forgotten.
The 7th Billion baby was born in October.
In November, there was Muppet domination!
I celebrated my 13th birthday with a Hope Diamond Mystery party in December.

My New Year's Resolution
My goal this year is: get organized. To do this, I'm making giant monthly calendars to go on my desk- but I made it fun. I put my style icons, inspirational quotes, and goals of the month too. This afternoon, I cleaned out my desk, dresser, and binder- I am actually looking forward to being organized!

Upcoming Things on I Heart American Girl
I have a whole slew of brand new things coming up this year. While I am not going to give a lot a way, here's a sneak peek. 
  • A brand new program- with weekly posts- designed for AG fans of all ages- starting Jan. 3!
  • A contest (with great prizes)- starting Jan. 2!
  • Plenty of giveaways- I already have one planned. 
Can't wait to see you all in the New Year! What are your resolutions? What's in your A Year in Review?

Friday, December 30, 2011

American Girl Minneapolis- December 22, 2011!

Hey girls! The title says it all! Enjoy! (Also, you can click any photo and it will enlarge!)
This was one of the first pictures I took of an oh-so-cute dining display. 

The bistro sign! Many signs around the store had holiday decorations on them. 

These are the dolls that you can eat with if you forgot yours or if you don't own one. 

This is a table with a preview of the special events going on throughout the bistro! You can see the birthday items, a talk time book, and the Holiday Memories craft.

This is an glamorous light fixture in the bistro. 

They had a special menu especially for people who participated in Holiday Memories!

These are the parts of the craft.

The signature pink lemonade- it was amazing!

For my appetizer, I got ciabatta bread with cheesy fondue. It was delicious!

Kirsten got a little tea cup and saucer!

Some of my relatives' food....

My meal! It was penne pasta with brocolli, chicken, and sun-dried tomatoes!

Such a cute display! 

Besides having a bistro table to tell about meal events in the bistro, there was also displays one the main level!

This is a cute display with MAGs and the baking set and furniture.

Rebecca's main display!

The focused a lot on Cecile and Marie-Grace! The had a huge main display as well as many Cecile and Marie-Grace dolls and outfits throughout the store. Here's one of them! 

Cecile's side....

Cecile's bedroom collection! Just so you know, the bed is made of wood, not plastic like it looks on the website, but wood, people, wood

Cecile and Marie-Grace's main display!

Here's Molly and Emily's main display! Their such cute best friends. 

Kit and her washing set!

One of Kaya's displays- so detailed and intricate.

The Doll Hair Salon style sign! Like the bistro sign, it was festively decorated!

Such a cute bedroom set!

This was the only purchase-with-purchase set the had- and I didn't get it!

This is one of the unique hair styles you can get done at the Doll Hair Salon!

The Silver Heels! I personally don't like them, but sister bought them and seems to enjoy them immensely!

I LOVE this display! Two girls helping each other ice skating- perfect for Minnesota!

How cute- I love American Girl school displays and this was no exception!

I got Kirsten's hair done in her original loop braids. 

They turned out so nicely!

She looks beautiful!

This is Kaya's main display.

Kit in her reporter dress- I really like how AG added this not-so-glamorous coat to make it historically correct! 

Here's Rebecca in her cute costume!

A big store shot....

This is what you see when you first walk in on the main entrance on the main level. On the TV screen, you can watch AG movies and answer trivia and quiz questions. 

Another store shot, you can see Kit's main display, part of Cecile's bedroom set, and the Special Edition mini doll display!

This is a unique shelving unit that's right across from the escalator. Normally, the GOTY items would be here, but because every Kanani item is sold out (minus one), the now house some Historical dolls and Holiday items.

This is another picture of the shelving unit above. This was taken from the escalator. 

A cute MAG doll with a sleeping bag!

The MAG section on the second level. 

This is one of the small MAG sections on the second level. 

After we left, my mom took a photo of my sister and me in front of the AG Place. I've already posted about what I got, but can you guess what Kayla got? :-)

I hoped you enjoy the photos. They're also posted on my Flickr (see sidebar for link).