Saturday, November 26, 2011

Old of New: (That's Not ______!) This or That?

Hey girls! Have you ever noticed how a My American Girl looks a lot like a retired Historical Character of Girl of the Year? This is a special edition of Old or New: This or That!

Kirsten or MAG #51?
Although both of these dolls are very cute, I have choose Kirsten! Not just because I have her or because I like her story, I choose Kirsten because of her gorgeous wavy hair. 

Hmmm.... I have to go with the MAG, although I like both, I really like the MAG's deep brown eyes, while Samantha has a lighter color. 

Oooo.... I love both! Although, I'm going to have to go with the MAG, because I love her unique, short hair and her beautiful green eyes.

Both are gorgeous! I really can't decide! Well, I guess I have too.... Again, I choose the MAG because of her dark brown hair. I think it suits her face mold and eye color very nicely.

What do you think? I would love to know!
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Priya said...

Cool! I have the same choices as you except I would choose Sonali instead of the MAG. It's funny, I had the Samantha look-alike without knowing it for all this time! ;D

American Girl Dolls Rock!! said...

4.MAG #47
This is such a cool post!

Ro said...

wow...I can't tell the difference between most of them...does anyone else think Kaily Hopkins and Julie Albright look alike?

Sarah said...

This is a neat idea. Yes I've noticed all the ag dolls look alike to some extent. Ok let's see.


Samantha (cause I have her)

The MAG number37 I really never liked how Mia looked but the MAG's hair is a pretty color

Oh wow they are both so pretty. Umm I think Sonali. I really love the MAG that looks just like Sonali except she has blue eyes.. She is gorgeous and I want her for Christmas.

Nice blog. A friend told me about it. I do too. (heart American Girl)

Emma said...

1. MAG
2. Samantha
3. MAG
4. Sonali

Nina said...

1. The MAG; she has thicker hair

2. Samantha; her hair is beautiful, plus, she's my doll.

3. MAG; I like how her hair is short

4. The mag, straight hair looks better in that instance.

Born American girl doll said...

They do all look alike!!! :)

I like
Mag 51
Mag 16

So many look alike!!!! Great post

Anne said...

I have noticed this! I'm glad someone else has too!

1. Ooh! I don't know! I probably the MAG just a LITTLE bit better! Sorry Gabby!
2. MAG, same reason you like her.
3. Mia, I like the darker red (or is that just the photo?) and I like her freckles better! :D
4. Hmmmmm, MAG! For some reason Sonali seems...chubbier?

I love this post!

Katelyn said...

Hi Gabby! This is a great blog. It seems really popular too. I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to ask you something. Do you have to have permission to use photos from the "Shop" section of American Girl's website? Because I just started my own AG blog, and I'd really love to post some pictures from their website--but I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong. Thank you so much! Oh, and my choices--Kirsten, MAG 16, Mia, and Sonali. ;-)

- Katelyn

Gabby said...


Thank you! I believe it's quite alright to use AG's stock photos for practical uses (i.e. not selling them!). Just as long as my readers know they are from AG (I often leave the link to the photo or put that it's from AG's website), I find no problem using AG's stock photos.

ps. if you are still worried about it, AG has never contacted me about using their photos, so I assume it's alright!

Lucy said...

1. Kirsten
2. Samantha
3. #37 (although I actually have Mia...)
4. Sonali

Katelyn said...

Gabby, thank you so much!

- Katelyn

Lexie said...

1. Kirsten

2. Samantha



excellent smosh said...


girly said...


What a fun post!

Here are my choices:
- Kirsten
- MyAG between her and "classic" Samantha, but if you put in beforever Samantha - Samantha!
- definitly and always Mia!!
- Sonali because of her eyes.