My Dolls!

Hey everyone! This is a page where I come up with bios for my dolls so that you know more about them. Enjoy!

{In the order I received them}
name: Kirsten Lillian Larson
birthdate: June 8th
favorites: detective work, Carrie Underwood, time-traveling, photoshoots, cake, gymnastics
dislikes: the Romans, birds, mean people,

name: Kaylen Amelia Frost
birthdate: October 29th
favorites: baking, e-mailing, photoshoots, dogs, computers, swimming, relaxing
dislikes: Twilight, bullies, veggies,

name: Kaya'aton'my (Kaya)
birthday: April 16th
favorites: Harry Potter, nature, horses, animals, Dual Survival, volleyball, running,
dislikes: sore-winners, sore-losers, mean people

name: Felicity Juliet Merriman
birthday: December 18th
favorites: horses, summer, nature, fashion, getting my hair done, independence 
dislikes: being proper, animal abuse, Hannah Montana,
We currently have 3 pets, Coconut (Kirsten), Patriot (Felicity and Kaya) and Pepper (Kaylen), and Mini Rebecca- Kirsten's Doll and Mini Molly- Kaya's doll.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gabby,
I don't want you to change the bios or anything but in the book, Felicity's b-day is April 21st or something. YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I have Kirsten, too! I love her main dress so much! I was so sad when she retired... (moment of silence). Don't you think it's interesting that Kaya's mouth is closed? I think that's pretty cool!

Katie said...

I love Felicity! You really kept your dolls in great shape!

Taylor said...

Hi Emma. I was just wondering if Kaylen was actually a real American Girl Doll or just the picture is close up.

Anonymous said...

im with taylor there

Izzy said...


Hi.I am a ag fan and have 8 dolls.

Journey Girl: Holly (Meridith)
Goty: Saige and Isabelle
Historic:Molly and Emily
Truly me (my ag): 21 Elizabeth Rosemary.
Bitty Baby: Aprilk