Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Old or New: (another) This or That?

Hey! Here's another This or That- about furniture. Enjoy!

Just Like You/My American Girl Beds
On the top is the new Bloom and Bedding  and on the bottom is the Curlicue Daybed. This or that? I honestly don't know, I love the bed in the bottom one, but I think the top bed has cuter bedding. So, I guess I will have to go with the Curlicue Daybed!

Flip Chairs
On the top is the Green Lounge Chair and on the bottom is the Floral Flip Chair. This or that? I like the Green Lounge chair better- it's looks so much more comfier!

Tables Sets
On the top is the Sweet Treats Table and on the bottom is the Dining Room Set. This or that? I totally prefer the top set- it looks much higher quality and it's way cuter!

Food Stands
(I know these aren't the same, but they are very similar!) On the left is Kanani's Shave Ice Stand and on the right side is the JLY Concession Stand. This or that? I prefer Kanani's Shave Ice Stand- it's very bright and fun and looks very high quality.

So what do you prefer?


Kayla said...

I like the Curlicue Day Bed, Green Lounge Chair, Sweet Treats Table, and Kanani's Shave Ice Stand


Anonymous said...

I prefer:

-Curlicue Daybed

-Floral Flip Chair

-Sweet Treats Table

-JLY Concession Stand

~Carolyn ☺

Lexie said...

I prefer the...
Bloom and Bedding (I totally love the colors)
Green Lounge Chair(The Other one looks so stiff)
Sweet Treats Table (I love anything pink)
And the JLY Concession Stand(It looks like it comes with more)
Thanks for doing this! I LOVE them!

Caelen said...

1. Curlicue Daybed
2.Floral Flip Chair
3. I like both! :)
4. I like both (again)! :)

Spicemuffin and Company said...

I like the...
Curlicue Daybed {looks like what a real girl would have}
Floral Flip Chair {so much cool color}
Sweet Treats Table {looks so cute!}
Kanani's Shave Ice Stand {i love shave ice!}

Emily said...

I like the Curlicue Daybed, Green Lounge Chair, the new table set, and Kanani's shave ice stand.

Me and doll :) said...

1) Curlicue Bed
2) Green Lounge Chair
3) Dining Room Set (tough choice though!)
4) Kanani's Shave Ice Stand

Emmie's Edition said...

I prefer the Curlicue Daybed of course because I have it!(LOL) The green flip chair because its way comfier looking, I like the colors, and I'm planning to get it off eBay! I actually prefer the Dining Room Set because it looks like the dolls would have more leg room if they were to sit the way you would normally sit to eat a formal dinner, and its the style of my dining room table ;-) As for the stands, I don't like either one, the whole stand idea is strange to me, sorry!

Anonymous said...

I like the bloom bed, green lounge chair, dining room set and concession stand. Cool stuff! You should compare the new dreamy daybed to the curlicue daybed too.

Sammie said...

You should do a this or that about pet items. It would be so cool. For example, the new pet bath with the cute stand vs the old pet bath. Or the new square pet bed vs the old circle pet bed. You can even do pets themselves. Like Kit's dog Grace vs Molly's dog Bennet. Oooh, another idea! The Palomino horse vs the Chestnut horse. You can tell me if this is a good idea.

Sammie said...

Hey it's me again,Gabby I forgot to ask you if you thought this was cool idea.(Pet items) Please respond in a comment.