Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Got at the AG Place Denver!!! (UPDATE: It can be viewed now!)

Update: I fixed the video- now you can view it!!!

Hey! And my stopmotion is finally up. Enjoy!
And yes, I know it's not perfect, but I worked really hard on it, so please only positive comments and helpful tips.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New American Girl Items! (Fall 2011)

Hey girls! I hope you are excited as I am about the new American Girl items! Many are so cute- and they look very high quality. I will leave the negative comments for some other time, and instead will focus on my favorites- let's begin!
First, they updated the 'Fun for Girls' section- now they call it Play @ American Girl. Personally, I liked the old design better, because there was more of a 'home page', but it's cute nonetheless.

Also- they now have American Girl apps! There are three games- Marie-Grace and Cecile's Secret Wardrobe, Kanani's Shave Ice, and Cheer On! I will definitely try these out and post a review- how would you all like that?
First and foremost, they released the new Holiday sets! This top one is called Merry & Bright Outfit & Accessories for Dolls. It's cute- but not as cute as the red one last year.

Next, they have a much cuter one- Frosty Party Outfit for Dolls + Charm! This is adorable- it would look great on Kirsten or Kaya.
Now this is ADORABLE! I was curious about the materials on the bed, so I called American Girl. The lady said that it mostly made of wood (yay!), with a few parts made of plastic. I would absolutely love this bed- my mom could make some cute bedding for it like she made the bed for my other trundle. 

This is a great sleepover set! I LOVE Apples to Apples and the popcorn and lemonade are so cute. The food also looks healthy- lemonade instead of soda and the popcorn doesn't look so buttered. ;-)
I. Love. This. It's so darn cute! It seems as if navy blue, light blue, maroon, and bright purple are AG's colors for school outfits- and the Cozy Sweater Outfit for Dolls + Charm looks great! 

I also love this little set! don't net the skis- but the outfit itself is so cute!!! Yay!

Last but not least- Lists!!! I love lists and I think this would be a great book to chronicle 2012!!! If I don't get this for Christmas, I will be purchasing it!

So what do you like (and dislike) out of American Girl's new items?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I. Hate. Waiting.

Hey everyone! I know the title says 'I hate waiting' and that's exactly what I'm doing to you all. I am working on my stopmotion for 'What I Got at the AG Place' and I plan to finish it today or tomorrow.

As for the 'I. Hate. Waiting.' part- I am waiting anxiously for my Owl to Pottermore. In case ya'll don't know what I'm talking about, I will explain.

Pottermore is an online reading experience surrounding the Harry Potter books. It's kind of like Webkinz or InnerstarU, but more of an adventure through the Harry Potter book series- exploring each chapter through tons of backstory, games, and quizzes! Anyways, from July 31 to August 6, Pottermore was an offering special early access activity. If you were able to solve the clue and and find the Magical Quill, you were eligible to get into the site before anyone else. I found the quill and I got confirmed to get on the site early- along with 99,999 people! However, I have to wait for an e-mail (or Owl) letting me into the site. I'm tired of waiting for my email!!!!!!

Has anyone else received early access to Pottermore? Have you all been able to get on yet?

Monday, August 15, 2011

New American Girl Birthday Sets!

Hey! So have you always wanted to have a birthday party at the American Girl Store? Well, now you can have all the fun of American Girl at your own home! Places like Celebrate Express are now selling some awesome new party supplies!
Like this cupcake stand! It's made of durable, pretty cardboard so you can put it up as you need and it's simple to store.
They also have these really cute place cards that you can assemble and decorate yourself!

Also, they have really cute paper products- such as this cute cups!
So what do you think of their new party supplies?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cecile and Marie-Grace!

Hey! The new dolls are released!!!! Here's my review of their collection.
I was quite surprised that these girls were released today- we had no word about this, but it was a pleasant surprise! Personally, I honestly don't Marie-Grace. Let me tell you why...
Cecile. She's GORGEOUS, but she looks at like MAG 46, just with a different eye color. I also feel that she would look so much more like her illustrated self is she had Addy's face mold. However, I love the pretty blue satin on her dress. I also think that Cecile has a much cuter collection. Thoughts?
Marie-Grace. I don't liker her half as much as I like Cecile. Marie-Grace has her own face mold, something that I think cheapens the look of her. This mold looks to me like lower-quality Target or Walmart dolls. Her whole collection (in my opinion) is very ugly and doesn't have as many pieces as Cecile does. Thoughts?

Now, let me show some of my favorite pieces from each girl's collection.
I. Love. This. This is so cute! I think it would look great on Kirsten, although I am not excited on how it doesn't come with shoes.
This is also so adorable! This looks very high quality and I love the hot pink and the old fashioned slipper socks!
This is so cute! I love this printed fan and the bow on the hat. Thumbs up for this!
I love this! Even for the price of $150. The table is wooden, and the tablecloth comes off, so the table would have plenty of uses. The accessories are so detailed- I love this.

So, what are your favorite pieces and do you like Cecile and/or Marie-Grace?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Little This and a Little That

Hey Girls! Today, I want to talk to you all about some changes going on in my blog... As of tomorrow, I will be 'changing' blog. Not entirely, but just a little. 

I have noticed that I've come to love blogs where the focus is mainly on... well... everything! And I am changing my blog to be like that- but just a little bit.

This blog's main focus, will, and always be American Girl. The majority of these posts will be about American Girl- news, photos, maybe a FanFic, giveaways, and contests. But, you may see some random posts about fashion, Harry Potter, songs, books, names, etc. 

Now, I know what you're thinking 'but you have the Name Princess, that's your misc. blog!'. It's hard to keep up two blogs. You saw what happened to From a Doll's Perspective, and I don't want that. So, some of my misc. posts are coming to here! That way, you only have to follow one blog to get some fun, new posts!


Friday, August 5, 2011

New GOTY American Girl Movie!

Hey Girls! I am sorry for my hiatus, but we took a spur-of-the-moment vacation in which I didn't bring my dolls or have access to a camera (besides my iPod). Sorry! I will of course be working on my stopmotion in which I unveil my AG Place purchases.

Anyways, on Doll Diaries, I have learned that they will be a new AG movie!
In this Twitter Picture, Nia Vardalos poses with American Girl writer Mary Casanova (author of AG Books Meet Jess, Both Chrissa books, and Cecile: Gates of Gold) and Olympic Gymnast Cathy Rigby. So what is this new movie about? Look at this Official Press Release:
Yay! A gymnast doll! I have wanted a gymnast doll since I was 9, but now that I'm 12 and out of gymnastics, I am not as excited as I could have been. 
Anywho, as for the name choice- Velma? Well, it reminds me a lot of Scooby-Doo, but AG has always chosen interesting names for their dolls (Chrissa, Ivy). Later, perhaps, I will look up the dolls' names and see if they really fit in their time period.

I can't wait for this new movie!