Friday, October 30, 2009

American Girl Crafts

Hey! American Girl has created their own their own craft line- American Girl Crafts!
This line is only available at Michael's Craft Stores and will include- stamps, stickers, markers, papers, and more! Because American Girl is a big and expensive company (and so is Michael's) I'm betting the products will be a little pricey. If anyone has gotten an AG Craft item please take a picture and send to us at-
It would really be appreciated!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Fav JLY Outfits!

Hey!!! Here are some of my favorite new Just Like You AG items!


American Girl Show and Tell Wednesday! 1

Hey! Liz ( started the chain of Show and Tell Wednesday, so I decided to do it too! here is my first photo!

Jess and Kirsten in the park with Coconut!

Sorry the photo is lopsided!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

New AG Items!

Already Christmas is on it's way and AG has come out with new things like the Frosty Fun Set, Winter PJ's, and the Sparkly Plum outfit. The items from American Girl are all cute but some are a bit pricey.
Anyways, because AG is archiving Kirsten I hope they come out with a new doll around that time period. Kirsten hasn't sold out yet so if you want her- get her now!
You know how I said I would be asking for another doll for Christmas? Well I'm asking for Kaya, she is a pretty and I love her books. I hope I get her!
Click here to see the entire American Girl collection and find out more about the dolls- from birthdays to even face molds, it's all here.
Hope you have a great fall!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Doll School

On Thursday I got the Doll School book from AG. It is so cool! We set up a mini school area in my room. So it's probably not the best, but here are some pix:

Here is a view of the desk from my bed. I don't have actual doll desk so I use shoe boxes. The desk are really easy to make. All you have to do is cut the front flap from a shoe box so the doll's feet can go in there and they can work on top.

Here is the teacher's desk. I used the Curlicue Day Bed Box for a desk.

This is the library. Notice that the Curlicue Day Bed Trundle is used as a bench.

That is my Doll School! ~~~~Gabby

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Sleepover at Kit's

Today Kayla and I went to Alex's house. We made photo stories with Alex's siblings, Claire, and Olivia(Alex's older sister) and of course our dolls. Here they are!!!
A Sleepover at Kit's
Created by- Gabby(Kirsten)-Alex(Kit)-Olivia(Emily)-Kayla(Elizabeth)-Claire(Julie)
Kit was very excited. Tonight she was having a slumber party at her house! And oh, here comes Kirsten!
"Hey Kit. Thanks for having me!" Kirsten smiled. "No problem. You're the first one here!"

"Hi Elizabeth!" Kit greeted her. "Hello," she said back.

"What's up girls?" Julie asked. "Hey Julie!" They all said.

"Hey Emily," Kirsten said. "Hey girls!" Emily greeted them.

That night the girls changed into there Pj's and got into there beds. "So anybody have any ideas for a game?" Kit asked.

"Yeah. I will throw the ball and you try to catch it!" The other girls agreed and the game began with a perfect toss from Julie.

"I got it!!!" Emily and Elizabeth both screamed! "Oh no!" Julie gasped.

"Yeah I caught it!" Elizabeth cheered. After a few more games of this. They got tired.

And then they all went to sleep after the best sleepover ever!
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A Beach Day................. In Belize!

I was at Alex's house today and we made some photo stories with our AG dolls and her siblings!
A Day at the Beach.... In Belize.
Created by- Gabby (Kirsten)-Alex(Jess, Nikki, Kit)-Claire(Julie)-Kayla(Elizabeth
Photos by- Gabby
Ooh-ooh-Ah-Ah! I'm a monkey swinging in a palm tree! In Belize!

Hey I'm Jess. Today we are at the beach with our friends. Let me introduce them!

Nikki likes chillin' with Sprocket!

Here are Elizabeth a Kirsten in there beachy outfits.

Kit enjoys swimming back stroke.

Julie likes to swim free style.

We all love swimming a playing at the beach!

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American Girl is Archiving...........................

Kirsten!!!! I am so dissapointed. She is such an intresting character. I'm really sad. Here it says so on the AG website. I really like that she is Swedish and she is well, from Sweden! Anyways please leave a comment on what you would like to say about her. If you want her, get her now! her collection will be gone after the Holidays!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Elizabeth's Adventure

Created by- Gabby and Kayla (Elizabeth)
Photos by- Gabby
What should we do today? Elizabeth thought. Well, a walk would be nice!

"Well, come on Licorice, let's begin our walk in the woods."

"This is such a pretty road through the woods." Elizabeth stated.

"This is a really cool leaf. I wonder what kind it is?"

"What a pretty flower," Elizabeth said.

"And it smell's good too!"

The End!

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An American Girl Sports Presentation

Alex and I got bored so we decided to create an AG photo story. Kayla (my little sis) and Claire (Alex's little sis) helped out too!
American Girl Sports Day!!!!!
Created by, Gabby(Kirsten)-Kayla(Elizabeth)-Alex(Jess)-Claire(Julie)
Photos by, Gabby
Elizabeth, Jess, and Julie silently waited for the begining of Sports Day. It will be so much fun! Jess thought.
"Hello, um well I'm Kirsten and this is the American Girl Sports Day. We will each get a turn to show our favorite moves and tell about our sport. Um, Julie, you can go first."

"I iceskate," Julie began, "My favorite move would be an axle, but it is hard. Uh, thank you."

"Now it is Elizabeth's turn." Kirsten stated.

"I do ballet," Elizabeth said, "I played a fairy in the Nutcracker. It was really cool to dance in a beautiful costume."

"Now um, it's my turn. I do gymnastics." Kirtsen said.

"This is a move called the splitz, it's pretty difficult to do but if you stretch enough- it becomes easy." Kirsten said.

"Well next we have Jess!" Kirsten announced

"Um well," Jess began, "I play soccer. I really like it because you get to work with your team-mates and you get to kick the ball around- it's fun!"

"Thanks for coming to our AG Sports Day! Bye!"

Please leave a comment! Anyways some of the photos which appear to be sideways actaully were right side up when I took the pictures, but I don't understand how to turn them.

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