Friday, April 30, 2010


I am sad. Very sad. So why am I writing in this happy orange color? I don't know. The reason I'm sad is because no one entered my contest that ended today. :-'( However, if some people still want enter it than I can keep it running but for now, the contest has ended.

This is a very short post. But I also have a question for you- what happened to Mia from American Girl Lover? She said her blog was re-opening after not posting for a month but when I look it up I found that the blog was deleted. Hmmmm..... I really did like reading her blog.

Until I'm Happy,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day Photo Contest! UPDATED!!!!!

Hey! I am a big supporter of Earth and try to help the planet as much as possible so I'm doing an Earth Day Photo Contest!

In your photo please have your dolls outside or doing something to help the planet. AG pets and "18 AG Dolls can be in the picture. In your comment please leave a link to your photo!
Entries due by April 30th!

1st Place~ 2 doll sized bags in the style (flowers, plaid, paisley etc.) of your choice!
2nd Place~ 1 doll sized bag in the style (flowers, plaid, paisley etc.) your choice!
3rd Place~ 1 doll sized bag in the color (red, pink, blue etc.) of your choice!

Please have your parents permission as if you win your will need to give your address.
Winners will be announced either May 1st or May 2nd.
Thanks and Happy Earth Day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Making A Western Outfit........

Hey everybody! I just thought I would post this quick update. I am going to make a western outfit! I haven't exactly started but I'm planning to start tonight. I will use the Liberty Jane t-shirt pattern (probably) and some plaid fabric. Then I will either make or buy some jeans. Do you think I should make them? Or should I order them? Now for the boots. Obviously I'm not experienced enough to make them so I was thinking of ordering them off of Liberty Jane.
But the cost would total up to $19 which would come out of my doll money. Do you think I should order them? Is it worth it? I would really appreciate your comments about Liberty Jane as I really can't decide!


PS: I would really liked it if you could check out the doll's new blog- From a Doll's Perspective!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garage Sale Finds.....

Hey! Today, my sister, mom, and I went to my school's garage sale to raise money for a new gym. I was browsing the toy section and look what I found:

Inside was a complete Girls of Many Lands doll! (only for $5!) For those of you who don't know, GOML Dolls was released in 2002 and retired in 2005. Inside was C├ęcile Revel! She only had one stocking in the box, or so I thought.......

However, this pictures were taken before I knew that, so you'll see the sock on her head! :-(
She also came with book too! (look for a book review soon!)
I love her shoes!
Do you have any GOML dolls? Where did you get them? Which do you have? I would love to know!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Flying Caterpillar, A Re-done Audition, and a Shiny Blue Tanktop!

Hey! Well, today I re-did my audition for American Girl Project RunwayWhy? Because I realized (after a few helpful tips) that the judges would like to see some very mix-and-matched clothing. So using some of the handmade tops I have sewed, I began to get to work.
This is whole outfit. See that shirt? I made it myself with my mom's help.

I think it turned out pretty well.
But then I switched gears and brought out the shirt I made a few days ago.

This is just one of the many pictures I took. I wanted to try a different approach, and Kaya laying down seemed to be my answer.

So then I started to take pictures and I heard this thump. It sounded like a stick so I looked around Kaya for what could've made the sound. And instead finding a twig, I found this little guy.
We get caterpillars every year in our yard, so it shouldn't be a surprise but the fact that it "fell out of the sky" made me wonder a lot......

PS: For the tank top, I used the Liberty Jane tank top pattern

Update!!! I ended up not putting it my re-done audition YouTube. I will save the pics for later and do something else with them............ (this is all very confusing I know)

Monday, April 12, 2010

AG Fast Facts 2

Seeing how much ya'll enjoyed the last AG Facts, I decided to do more!

Out of all of the GOTYs(10) and HCs& Best Friends (15) only 4 have had red hair, 6 have had blond hair, 6 had have black hair, and 8 have had brown hair.

Chrissa is the only doll not to have a Whole World Collection

Nicki is the only doll not to come with a set of underwear.
Addy, Josefina, and Elizabeth are the only HCs to have their ears pierced. However, only Elizabeth's earrings are removable.

Addy had her own live-action play performed around the country.

Julie, Kit, and Mia are the only dolls who have had or have video games.

Kaya and Josefina's stories are set in America, but in areas that were not yet part of the United States.

No American Girl Character except Felicity and Elizabeth have ever been sold with their hair up in a ponytail.

No American Girl Character except Josefina and Kaya(who didn't have access to school) was ever home schooled.


PS Most of these facts were though up and created by me, others I found here

Saturday, April 10, 2010

An Adventure in Sewing......

Hey! I finally finished my Liberty Jane T-shirt today! I had some help with my mom because some of the instructions in the pattern are a little unclear and some parts are hard to do. For the most part though, it turned out fine and I'm very happy with it!!!

I chose a nice lavender fabric to make my shirt out of. I got it in the bag of fabric I got at ThreadFest (to see the photostory on it, click here). It was great because it wouldn't stretch and their was no grain to worry about! I'm very pleased with the shirt because it's simple and will go with a lot of things.

Updates: I have started a new page called AG Book Reviews! There you can read summaries and book reviews on AG books.
Alexis is having a contest over at American Girl Today! Click here to check it out!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Update!!!

Hey! I'm sorry for not posting much- we are really busy lately. But, I hope to post some of my pics soon!

I'm in the process of making a t-shirt for my dolls using the Liberty Jane pattern I got for free. It's turning out pretty well and I'm thinking of adding a little touch to it once we're done............

I'm also really disappointed-- someone hacked into the AGMA YouTube account and deleted the whole account! I'm very upset about this as my sister and I entered! But, they created a new account so hopefully they will start the contest up again.

Guess what? I may go to Chicago this summer with my aunt and little cousin! I'm sooo happy because we will go to the AG Place there!!! I already have $53.10 saved up so I will be able to afford a doll in a few months. I also know which doll I will be getting(if I get a doll)- JLY 37! She is just darling!

I think I will name her either Katrina, Katriel (Kate for short), or Katherine. Which name do you like best? Which name do you think fits her? I would really appreciate your comments as I really can't decide! I may also just get some clothes and food sets instead of a doll. Which do you think I should get- clothes&accessories or a doll?


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hey! I hope you are having a fantastic Easter and enjoying chocolates, spring dresses, and Jesus's resurrection! When my dolls woke up this morning they found little gifts for them. I posted a couple of pics of what they and I got.

Kirsten got Yahtzee
I made it myself.
Complete with little dice!
I also filled the edge of a plastic bag with chocolate-candy-coated-sprinkles- perfect for dolls!
Here is Kaya........
I made her a gift certificate.

Lovely little Kaylen.
I made this bag out of Doll Purses.
From the "Easter Bunny" I got AG Craft doll stickers.
I'm planning to use them to make paper dolls for my dolls.
I also got puzzle erasers.
I got a dessert one, and a toothbrush one.
They are perfect for AG!

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter/Spring Photoshoot

Hey! Today, since it was so nice, I decided to do my seasonal photoshoot. I think I'm getting better at photography, as I think the photos turned out brilliantly. For the setting, I went out into my front yard, where a huge Japanese Magnolia tree was blowing petals on to the ground.I hope ya'll enjoy!

My favorite pic of Kaylen......

I love the photo above......

Kaya is just gorgeous......

I hope you liked them!