Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mini Monet

Hello, hello, hello! I am super duper happy, or well in a good mood. I had some chocolate cake, signed up for a Photography and Improv camp, played some Fur Elise practically perfectly, and am listening to Sara Bareilles (and Erin McCarley and Lenka). Life is good. :-)

Anywho, how have you been? It's been about a couple days since I last posted and I've missed you all! So, you are probably wondering about my post title. Well, about three weeks ago my art teacher gave us the task of creating a landscape most like Monet's impressionism. She gave us a mini canvas, and then when it was time to display them, a mini easel to match. 
Kaya is my little artist. She loves the outdoors as well as horses, but I feel like she has a creative side too, I think she is like me a little. Kaya is adorable, and to me, is one heck of an artist.

Okay, so I painted it, but Kaya was putting some last finished touches on it. See, my art teacher said the Monet layered his paint and created a texture to the painting. In the end, he would come up with a painting deep with light and shadow. Although my painting is far from that, I like to imagine it as a simple landscape of Cape Cod's Coast (see the lighthouse?). Not that I've ever been there, but I hear it's gorgeous.

Here's another view of the painting. I think I did a really nice job on it and I am so glad it's doll sized too! Do have any doll sized artwork? Or perhaps doll sized art supplies not from AG?


Saturday, February 19, 2011

AG's Re-Creations

Hey! Today, I will be posting about AG's 'Re-Creations' or basically changing the fabric, giving it a new name, and slapping a higher price on an outfit. 
Like the Innerstar U and Petal Hoodie outfit. They are both cute, but both look a lot alike!
Also the Equestrian Riding and Fancy Riding Outfit. The helmets look the same as do the breeches......
Now for the Beach Chair and Bag Set and the Chair and Bocce set. I both love the colors on both sets! But as you can see the chairs are identical (with the exception of color and fabric) and they also include a water bottle.
Next, is Marisol's Tap Outfit and the current Tap Dance Outfit. Wow, these look sooo much alike! They really just changed a lot of the colors to bring you these looks.

What do you think? Do you know of any more look alikes?

ps. also i'm sorry about my typo in this week's poll! i would change it, however that would cause to me to lose everyone's vote.

pss. i probably will change my design soon, so be prepared!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New AG Spring Items!

Yay! American Girl has released some new items. I am not impressed with most of them, but others look super cool!

This is a cute outfit! It's called the Campus Casual Outfit. I really like all the bright colors and it's too cute for Summer! Although it's a little too pink and purple for me......

AG has also released some new Innerstar U books. I think this book looks really fun and I would love to pick it up at a Bookstore!

Doll Dining sounds like a pretty cool book! I think the cover is super cute and I love the idea of creating a doll restaurant of cafe. But it's possible to create one on your own!
Oooh Chocolate Chip is cute! However he looks like lesser quality than the other animals. 

Wow. I'm sorry but I really don't like this outfit! I think the shoe/headband/dress combination is weird and I really don't like the colors.

Go to to check out more of the new items!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you enjoy a day full of pink, red, sugar, candy, sugar, valentines, and sugar!


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hey! This is a post dedicated to Kaya. Just because.

Just because I think a lot of people need to pay attention to her more. I also think she is just gorgeous. 

I think a lot of people don't like her as much because she just is different.
When I say different I mean, like she has her mouth closed etc. Which honestly, I just think make's her look prettier.

She's overlooked a lot, because 'she's not as glamourous' as a MAG or Julie or Ruthie. Whatever it is, she's just not that popular. 

I think she should be though, her books are amazing, and she has great spirit and determination. I also think she's very down to earth and get this she makes mistakes

Also, many people just don't like her. I think this also has to do with AG's marketing. They don't put a lot of effort into Kaya- something I can understand. Native American's typically did not have a wardrobe of glamourous dresses and sparkly shoes. Something that many other Historical's have.

But I say this, if you want Kaya get her. She's cute and indescribably awesome. Although, be sure you know how to take care of long hair!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lissie's AGMA Audition

Hey! I took some photo's today which I will submit for the AGMA. I am super excited! You can watch the audition below.

Do you like it? Do you think we have a chance?