Thursday, December 31, 2009

Show and Tell Wednesday week 8

For this Show and Tell Wednesday (I know I am posting this Thursday) I am showing photos of Kirsten dressed in her St. Lucia Outfit. My mom is part of the Women's Council at my School and for the dinner, each table had a different country as it's theme, we got Sweden and Kirsten volunteered to help my mom by dressing as St. Lucia.

Liz of started this chain if Show and Tell Wednesday.

Kayla's Sleepover!

For my sister's birthday sleepover, she decided to have an American Girl themed party. Here are some of the highlights!

This is the cake me and my mom made. For the cake toppers, we used the game pieces from the American Girl Treasures Game. It looked great. Here are some close-ups.
In the morning I did Kayla's friends' dolls' hair. Here are the pix.
Hallie's Julie.

Kayla's Elizabeth (I did a ponytail veil)

Jenna's Julie


La American Girl Cafe

La American Girl Cafe
by Alex (Nicki), Gabby (Kaylen, Kaya)
Photos by, Gabby

The sun was shining, but the air around Nicki and Kaya was cold.
"How about we go to the cafe?" Nicki asked. "What a great idea!" Kaya said.

"Hello, and welcome to the La American Girl Cafe, I am Kaylen and I will be you server today. Here let me take you to your seat."
"What about here?" She asked.

"It's great. I love the view!" Nicki said.

"Oooh, the cups are such a pretty blue!" Kaya exclaimed. "I know, I love the purple plates." Nicki said.

"Can I take your order?" Kaylen asked. "Yes, we would both like the special, with the appetizer." Nicki answered.

Once she left, Kaya began to pour the pink lemonade Kaylen left.

"Mmmmm, this is great lemonade!" Nicki giggled.

"No, Nicki, it is not great, it is the best!" Kaya announced. Nicki giggled even more.
"Here is you appetizer ladies." Kaylen told them. "Yum! Watermelon!" Kaya said.

"This is awesome!" Nicki said, "I am so glad we ordered it!"

Finally Kaylen brought the main course, Chicken sandwiches.

"Yum! This whole meal is great!" Nicki told Kaya between bites of her sandwich.

"I know everything is so fresh!" Kaya exclaimed.

Then Kaylen brought a special suprise- 3 layer cake!

"Oh it looks great!" Nicki exclaimed.

The girls then finished the best lunch ever!

1 More Day!

Yeah! Only 0ne more day until we get too see new American Girl stuff, including a new husky dog, Pepper, which I bought at the AG Place, Lanie's collection, and other JLY stuff (hopefully). Also this is the last day to purchase Chrissa's stuff, I would hurry and order it fast so you don't get stuck with "sold out".
Anyways, please comment on the post below, I want to see what you think. Also we would only give out monthly prizes for the person who won the most weeks. Some prizes could be bags, pajamas, and clothes for your doll.

Happy New Year,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just an Idea

Hey! A few weeks ago I had an idea to have an American Girl Game of the Week. I would post about 1 AG Game and I would ask all of my blog readers to play it and then comment on their score. It would be cool to find out what games you are good at and what you games you like the most. I would anounce the person with the highest score at the end of the week and would possibly give out a prize, or find out who has won the most Game of the Weeks in a month and just give that person a prize. Anyways this is just and idea and if you like it and want to have it on this blog, comment on the post or send an e-mail to

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My American Girl Dolls in their Room

In her bed, Kirsten is reading Meet Rebecca

By the Curlicue Day Bed, Kaylen is playing with Pepper

Kaya is listening to music on the top bunk

3 New Outfits

This is the Volleyball Outfit I got for Christmas

These are the PJ's I got at the AG Place

Kaylen is wearing the Spring Party Outfit, I got it for my birthday

My Trip to the AG Place Minneapolis

These are pictures from my trip to the American Girl Place Minneapolis Boutique and Bistro!
Me in front of a sign for American Girl

Me in front of the AG Place entrance

When you first walk in, it is the Historical Doll section

Kaya's Tepee and animals

This Josefina display is so cute!

Kit and Ruthie


Julie and Ivy's groovy display

Felicity and Elizabeth

Then you can go upstairs to the Bistro and the JLY section

A great slumber party scene

Another cool display

A cafe display with purses from the AG Book Doll Purses

One of my favorite displays :)
The Holiday Outfit of 2009, the Sparkly Plum Dress

The horse display case

The JLY dolls we kept in cases like this, there were more cases in the JLY section though

A new ice skating outfit!

A display of all the spring dresses, the pink one on the left is new!

A cute display with a doll holding "pom-pom" crafts from the AG Book Pom Pom Pets (you can see me in the reflection :) )

The Doll Hair Salon

A display by the Doll Hair Salon

So while my mom was in the checkout line I decided to check out the book area and take some pix

Some historical books

The mini doll section in the book area

And then I saw this display :)

Since I LOVE huskies I just had to get her......
and I got some PJ's that I think were only sold exclusively at the stores (see post above for picture).
Best Wishes,