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This is a page where you can come and read my review on American Girl Books! The summary is above the pic of the book while my rating and review are below. Instead of rating in stars like they do for movies, I rate in hearts (5 hearts is the best). I hope you find some good reads here!

Fork in the Trail: InnerstarU Book by Laurie Calkhoven

You can become an InnerstarU student in this exciting read! You are now a girl who just decided to become a leader with Paige, as you the travel through the woods to a secret camp. Along the way, you and your friends, guides Neely, Shelby, Riley, Logan, and Paige must make good choices- or face consequences that could end the trip for all of you. Plus, this book even includes a code so you can unlock more endings online!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I enjoyed this book a lot! I loved how very choice made you turn to a different page and that your answers affected the whole group. It was very cool to see almost all the Innerstar Guides throughout the book and see how each of them acted. With each 'ending' to the story, I learned how my choices could affect how other people thought of me and how they reacted as well. You can learn a lot from these books- go and get one!

Clues in the Shadows: A Molly Mystery by Kathleen Ernst

When Molly and all the kids in her hometown start collecting scrap paper for the war. Things start to get strange. Soon, Molly's paper starts disappearing and her only suspects are her brother Ricky and a neighborhood bully, Ronnie Vanko. Her favorite Red Cross leader seems to be caught in the middle of something and quits, and on top of all that, her father is acting a little bit different. Molly knows something is going on but does it have to do with a veteran who can't stay out of trouble?

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥
I liked this book a lot! And after I was finished I learned a lot more about WWII. It has to do a lot with veterans who have come home after the war against Europe is over (however they are still at war with Japan) and have battle fatigue. I liked this book, but it was somewhat predictable towards the end. The book also seems to have lot of different mysteries in one but most of them seem to come up with the same conclusion.

Cecile: Gates of Gold by Mary Casanova

When Cecile gets the chance to become part of the French court, she realizes that her dreams are coming true. After living with her father, a poor doctor who doesn't always gets money for his work, she thought she would end up marrying a pheasant. Soon Cecile is enjoying life at its best and even has a "boyfriend"! But soon her life turns upside down when some of her favorite people pass away and Cecile learns what courage really means.


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I really enjoyed this book! I learned a lot about the French Court in the 1700s and found out more about the lovely colonial era. I think Cecile really learned a lot about herself through out the book. Though which each death, instead of becoming weaker, I think she actually becomes stronger and more courageous. If you are looking for a good read, pick this one up!


Anonymous said...

if you liked the french girls of many lands you should read the irish one it's really good

blessing O:-) said...

I am going to enjoy those books really much