Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday at American Girl! (UP TO 50% OFF!)

Hey! Quick, tell your moms that there is are 11 pages of deals! Most will be sold out by this afternoon!
You can get the Julie Collectable Mini Doll for only half off! 
You can purchase the Snowflake Pajamas for only $12!
You also buy the Everyday Play Earrings for just $3!

Now this is just a sampling of amazing deals. Go check out the rest HERE.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Need YOUR Help!

I'm starting a brand new page to help families, moms, and girls plan the perfect American Girl Place experience through reviews, tips, and tricks from people just like them! However, I need your help! Please read the questions below. If you can answer any of them (ex. 'The food was great and excellent service!' or 'The Doll Salon hair stylist rushed- not worth the $20.') please comment below with your first name and state/country! 

  • Have you eaten at an American Girl Bistro or Cafe? What did you order? Was it good? How was the service? 
  • Have you ever made a Creativi-Tee? Was it worth the $10?
  • Have you ever used a personal shopper? Was he/she great? Was it worth the time or was it better to pick out your own items?
  • Have you ever gone to the Doll Hair Salon and had your doll's hair styled/ears' pierced? Was the style worth the price? Was the staff friendly?
  • Have you ever gone to the Photo Studio? Was it worth it? Was it fun?
  • Have you ever used the concierge service? Was the staff helpful there?
  • How was your overall experience? Did you go at a busy time of year? Was the staff friendly and helpful?
I'm sorry if this seems like a lot, but reviews are greatly needed- especially for AG locations that I've never been too! Even if you only know the answer to one question, it's still greatly appreciated. If you can, please give a small review (even if it's negative!), this will help many parents and girls plan the perfect AGP experience!

Thank you and look forward to reading the answers to your questions!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Old of New: (That's Not ______!) This or That?

Hey girls! Have you ever noticed how a My American Girl looks a lot like a retired Historical Character of Girl of the Year? This is a special edition of Old or New: This or That!

Kirsten or MAG #51?
Although both of these dolls are very cute, I have choose Kirsten! Not just because I have her or because I like her story, I choose Kirsten because of her gorgeous wavy hair. 

Hmmm.... I have to go with the MAG, although I like both, I really like the MAG's deep brown eyes, while Samantha has a lighter color. 

Oooo.... I love both! Although, I'm going to have to go with the MAG, because I love her unique, short hair and her beautiful green eyes.

Both are gorgeous! I really can't decide! Well, I guess I have too.... Again, I choose the MAG because of her dark brown hair. I think it suits her face mold and eye color very nicely.

What do you think? I would love to know!
ps. You can check these other Old or New: This or That's- accessories, outfits, and furniture

Friday, November 25, 2011

You Ask, I Answer!

Hey! You all asked questions on this post, and now, I answer! Your questions are bold, and my answers are not.

How do you get your dolls' eyes to close while they are upright?
I double-loop a small piece of tape and place it directly under the doll's eyes. Then I pull down the eyelid and gently press it against the tape.
How do you do so well at stopmotions? 
Practice! Watching other stopmotions also helps me realize what others are looking for.
How many dolls do you have?
Four. You can view them here.
Are you planning on getting another American Girl doll anytime soon? If so, which one?
Probably not. It may come some in the future, but right now, I'm not asking for any dolls. I don't even want Cecile anymore!
If you were to buy anything from American Girl, what would it be? {Even the retired/archived items!}
Ooooo..... Definitely a lot of Kirsten's collection, maybe some Felicity items, Jess, Jess items and maybe some Mia or Lanie items.
What is your favorite doll? (I am trying to choose what one to get, so please reply soon!!)
Well, out of all of my dolls, Kirsten. Even though I love my other dolls, Kirsten will always be special because she was my first. As for dolls available now... I really like Kaya (but only if you are expierenced in caring for dolls's hair and can handle very long hair), Kit, MAG #40, MAG #52, and MAG #37.
On what website did you print of the mask template?
Click here and play the 'Pretty Party' game. When you solve/finish it, you can get a mask template!
If I wash my Julie doll's hair will it make where the braid use to be (when I took it out it was wavy) go away?Because I want to wash her hair but I don't want that part to go away!
Hmmm.... Because American Girl doll hair is made with a special plastic that style the hair to be a certain way (ever notice how curly doll hair remains curly even after you wash it?), I would say that the hair will still be wavy. 
Could you tell me your favorite singers and or songs?
ADELE! Absolutely and honestly Adele- she is amazing live and has totally awesome albums! I love her songs!
What sports do you play?
I do cheerleading and volleyball.
If you could have one special talent that you'll be really good at what would it be?
Hmmm..... I guess being a very good singer! I'm an okay one, but I want to be able to sing with confidence.
Why do you almost never reply to comments?
This is a commom misconception. I DO reply to comments, but only on new posts (usually the 2 newest). This is because I've found that more people are going to reply back to me on newer posts than an older one (people rarely return to old posts). However, if you have any questions, I will be able to reply to you more if you e-mail me. 
This year it's the Summer Olympics! What are your favorite sports to watch? (Winter and Summer)
I love gymnastics, diving, ice-skating, and really, whatever's on (as long as it's not boxing)!
I'm trying to start a blog but can't seem to figure out how to do it. Can you give me a step by step? It said I have to be 13?
1. Go to and click 'Get Started'!
2. Create a Google Account. (If you are under 13, have your parents help).
3. Once you've done that, click the orange arrow and name your blog and URL.
4. After that, click the orange arrow and choose a template and start designing your blog (if you need help on that, I'll post about it soon)
5. Click 'Finish/I'm Done' and you're done!

I hope you girls enjoyed asking questions and I look forward to hearing your feedback1

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey girls! To celebrate Turkey Day, I just want to give thanks to my family, my friends, my country, and my freedom, but most importantly you.

I am so blessed and so thankful to have amazing followers and readers who have loyally supported and read my blog. Whether you just started reading my blog yesterday or have been with I Heart American Girl since the beginning, thank you!

To celebrate, Kayla's dolls and my doll's all celebrated with a delicious feast!
In order from up to down, the dolls have a meal, Coconut and Licorice celebrate friendship, the mini dolls eat together, and a sampling of the food served. Then finally, a photo that I just took fifteen minutes ago, but yet I love, Felicity and Kirsten together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Interview with a Blogger: Liz! (I JUST REACHED 100,000 PAGE VIEWS!!!!)

Hey girls! Do you remember last October when I posted interviews with other bloggers like me? Well, I am bringing this back! (You can view past interviews on the bottom part of my sidebar.) To start I'm interviewing Liz from American Girl Fan.

1. What got you started in blogging? When I was younger there weren't many websites about American Girl dolls, so I decided to make my own when I was 14, with my dad's help. :)

2. How many dolls do you have and what are their names? I have 7 American Girl dolls: Molly, Elizabeth, Kit, Mia, Abbey (JLY), Addy, and Felicity.

3. When and how did you get your first doll? I got my first doll Molly in 2003, when I was 9 years old from my Grandma for Christmas.

4. Who is your favorite doll right now? That changes everyday!! Right now my favorite is probably Kit or Addy. :)

5. If you went to the American Girl Place right now, what would you buy? I would definitely buy Cecile, her Parlor Outfit, Crinoline & Chemise, Kanani's Beach Outfit, and some AG Place exclusives!

6. Do you like making videos, taking pictures, or writing posts the most? (that rhymed) Taking pictures!! It's so much fun to see my doll ideas come to life through pictures.

7. What are some of your favorite things (besides American Girl)? I love to write, take pictures (especially of nature), make cards, read, watch movies, anything vintage, bargain hunting (I LOVE a good deal!!), and taking trips with my family. :)

Thank you Liz!

ps. are you a blogger who would like to be interviewed? Email me or comment on this post!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

American Girl Denver Trip Video!

Hey girls! I'm sorry for not posting lately, but I made a video compiling a lot of fun pictures from our AG store trip last summer. I hope you like it!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ask Me Anything! (and some questions for you too!)

Hey girlies! Do you remember last January when I answered some of your questions? Well, I'm doing this again! Please leave a comment on this post asking me any question (as long as it's reasonable and not personal). This is a great way to get to know me better and I can answer your questions!

Now, for the questions for you!
So, as you know, for my AG trip next month, we are eating in the bistro! But, I was curious about their food. If you've ever eaten at an AG Place, please answer these questions!
1. What did you order? Did you like it?
2. Does a meal come with dessert?
3. Is the pink lemonade really that good?

Ask away!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

American Girl and Duggar Family News!

Hey girls! 
So I don't know if you know, but it looks like the GOTY will be a gymnast! Check out the AG Place news and events for January!

In each event, there are gymnastic words such as 'stretch', 'flips', and 'cartwheels'. Also, gymnast Cathy Rigby was onset of a new rumored movie.
Also, I assume the GOTY will have light skin, blue eyes, and any color of hair! Because Jane Pettyjohn is in a new AG movie and we assume it's the GOTY 2012 movie!
This is Jade Pettyjohn! On her IMDb page, it says 'Untitled American Girl Project', so she must be the young star. Also, you may wonder why I said 'any color of hair'. Mainly because blonde hair is easy to dye and AG has dyed young actresses before (they dyed Shailene Woodley's hair). You can vote for what you think the GOTY will look like! (Last time I did this poll the results were: red hair, light skin, and brown eyes!)
As for Duggar news, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids & Counting, are expecting their 20th child! I don't know about you but I love their show and their sweet family! I am very happy for them! Do you watch 19 Kids & Counting?

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Harry Potter Tag!

Howdy! Yippee-yi-yay! I get to do a Harry Potter tag! 

(from Kit Snicket)

1. Who is your favorite character? Hermione Granger and Sirius Black. Hermione is soooo much like me and I love Sirius.

2. Which is your favorite book? Prisoner of Azkaban! I love it- it really helps Harry (and the reader) learn more about his past.

3. Which is your favorite movie? Deathly Hallows pt. 2 followed by the Order of the Phoenix.

4. What is one of your favorite quotes? "Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love." -Albus Dumbledore

5. What is your favorite place? Hogwarts.

6. Which is your favorite Hogwarts House? Ravenclaw!

7. Which house would you belong in (not just which house do you like)? Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

8. What position do you want to play in Quidditch? Chaser, although I wouldn't mind being a seeker.

9. Who is your favorite professor? Hmmm..... Trelawney- she's so funny!

10. What is your favorite class? Arithmancy or Charms! I've done Arithmancy before and it's a lot of fun!

I tag Claire, Kendell, and Nutti Netti.

What do you think? Do you agree with my answers?

(ps. look at my sidebar. Join Watch Your Words and see if you can go to the AGP Minneapolis!)

Friday, November 4, 2011

AG Birthday/Christmas Wishlist!


Today is a very important day, because it's the day I post my wishlist! This is always a very big event in the AG blogging community and I do believe that I'm the first one to post my wishlist (correct me if I'm wrong)! This is really important because besides letting my family know what I want, it also lets me know what I want in case I forget (which, in some cases, has happened, but normally if I forget, I realize I don't want it). So, let me stop ranting and get on with it!

Frosty Party Outfit for Doll + Charm $36
Adorable! I also just need one more holiday outfit so each of my dolls would have one!
Coconut Pajamas for Dolls + Charm $24
Sooooo cute! (This is a 'might get' thing!) I always miss out on AG's pajamas because I can make something similar, but I don't think I could even come close to PJ's like this! Also, who doesn't love Coconut?
Julie's Calico Dress $28
I love Julie's collection! I used to not like this outfit, but now I think it would be great for any time of the year. Also, how cute are those boots?
Kanani's Beach Outfit $24
To keep up with my tradition of purchasing one item from every GOTYs collection (I've been doing this since 2008), I've decided to get this! I love the color and the reviews are great. :-)

Books and Movies
Lists: A Year of Stuff About Me $10.95
I love to make lists. They're amazing things and I've great reviews on this product! It will also be great to look back on my lists years into the future. 
The Quiz Book 3 $7.95 
 This is one of those 'might get' things. I have own the Quiz Book 1 & 2 and it would be great to own them all!
Felicity: An American Girl Adventure $14.95
The Felicity Movie is by far my favorite and I can't wait to purchase the DVD!

Furniture and Accessories
Kanani's Lounge Chair $58
Despite the price, I love this little chair! The print is gorgeous and it would make a great teacher's chair for a reading circle in my school area.
I Love Sports Earrings for Dolls $9
These earrings are so cute and would look great with plenty of outfits!

Gift Help
So a while back, I told you about my struggle to find the perfect gift for my cousin. Well I've talked to her, and she'd really like PJs- any PJs for her doll! What AG pajamas have you bought? Do you like them? I'm not asking which pajamas you think I should get, but what AG pajamas you think are the best- quality and play value wise.

So, what's on your wishlist? Can you give me gift help?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Want to Meet Me at the American Girl Place?

Hey girls! 

I am going to the American Girl Place Minneapolis and I want to invite you all! Watch this video for more information:
This would be SO AMAZING to meet all of my AWESOME followers, readers, and commenters! Will you be there? If so, please comment or e-mail so I know who to be on the look out for. :-)

American Girl Place Minneapolis
Mall of America, American Girl, 5160 Center Court, Bloomington, MN 55425
December 22, 2011
1:45/2:00-3:00/3:15 p.m.

Hope to see you there!
(I will be posting on what I think I will get soon!)