Monday, January 31, 2011

New Sites!

Hola! I'm writing this post to tell you that I now have a design blog! You can read more about over there!

Also, my friend Zoe and I have a Harry Potter Fan Site.

And the answer to my question tomorrow is-

the dolls are dressed as the seasons! Kaylen in Fall, Kirsten is dressed as Spring, Felicity showed her Summer style, and Kaya was ready for winter.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Group Shot... and other activities

Hi! Yes, I realize I haven't posted since Monday and I'm sorry but I'm trying to figure out my blog.

Not that's there's anything wrong with it, but I'm wondering if I should transfer to a website (Wordpress, Typepad etc.).  I really want to expand my blog and I hope that I will be able to do that with it, but as for now, I'm happy with Blogger. I also may start a blog about me re-designing my room by myself. Yes, feel free to tell me I'm insane, but I want to tackle a challenge this summer, and I'm really interested in design, so be prepared if I randomly start a design blog.

Also, I did take some photos this weekend and if you visit my Flickr then you can see some more photos, but here is a great group shot!
I think this photos is very cute, every girl is dressed as something that, combined make up a whole year.

Can you guess what each of my dolls is dressed as?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Contest Winner!

Hey! First, I just want to say, please be respectful to the winners. Everyone did an amazing job, so I gave everyone a honorable mention. I hope you had fun with this contest regardless of your place. :-)

Honorable Mentions:

Cutest Nature Lover: Sheabuilder and Carlie
Most Ambitious Artist: Emma and Sydney
Coolest Blind Doll: Lily and April
Cutest Country Girl: Katelyn and Jackie
Sweetest Photographer: Hannah and Haley
Sweetest Helper: Katie and Maggie
Most Inspirational Girl: Savie and Teaghan
Cutest Geek: Caelen and Zoe (e-mail entry)

Now for top 3.........

3rd Place:

KJo with Nancy Andrews!
I really loved what a great detective Nancy was and I'm sure she would be a great seller and role model for girls. Way to go! 

Here's your award: 

2nd Place:

I really liked how she was trying to be herself and a great photographer! Also, she's really cute and great photoshopping! Great job! Please e-mail for you blog header. Here's your award:

And for 1st Place..............
I loved this entry because she's such an inspiring, determined, and ambitious doll. I really liked her story and she's a blonde! Please e-mail me for your header and hoodie. Here's your award:

Thank you all for entering! I had so much fun judging and organizing this contest and I can't wait to do it next year too!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Somebody to Blame

Hey everyone! I am super excited! I finally got Blogger's new web fonts, so do you like the new font?


If Troy can tell his secret, then I'm going to tell mine, I bake. (What movie is that from :-)? )

No, just kidding! No, but I actually bake.
These are brownies are made in a mini-doughnut pan. They actually turned out better than I thought! See, well, this recipe is intended for a mini cupcake pan, but we had some batter left over and we took a chance and made brownie doughnuts!

They're pretty good.

I suppose you want to see what the other brownies look like.

These are the cupcake pan ones. They don't looks as good, but they taste AWESOME! Zee brownies are from a Brownie Mix Box, go figure.

You should always have a doll around when eating these delicious brownies.
Because well.....

Say, if a brownie just happened to get eaten, you have someone to blame. :)

How did you spend your Friday night?

ps, please enter my contest! it ends tomorrow at midnight!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hi! This is a post in which I will do a lot of ranting, so please, be prepared.

Why? American Girl makes me ask this question every time they release something new, or raise their prices, or something like that. But today, I will be asking---

Why Does American Girl Focus So Much On Rebecca Rubin?

It's so very weird. I could understand why in 2009, when Rebecca was released, and she was new, but know, her new-ness is wearing off and well, she is just the same as any of the Historical Characters.
Like in this photo from the AG website. Why is the model in the Petal Pink Outfit not modeling with a doll in the same outfit, but with Rebecca?
And why, is Rebecca on the poster for the 25th Birthday Celebration?
This is a picture I really don't understand. Why is Rebecca not in her meet outfit?
And again, advertising the new Spring outfits with 2 other Historicals.

Don't get me wrong, Rebecca is a beautiful doll in real life, but I'm just not very fond of her story or how AG seems to focus on her a lot. Well at least we are getting a new HC this year.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Look {Contest 4 Posts Below!}

Hola! I think this post is pretty self explanatory, I have a new look. I went back to my old, skinny header and re-vamped it with some new photos from a photo shoot I did sometime last week when Tennessee was greeted with some white fluffy stuff. You can check out the photos here:


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your Questions Answered!

Hey! Yesterday, I invited everyone to ask me questions about myself and dolls. I had an amazing response and I can't wait to share the questions and answers with you! First, I just want to say that I did not put who asked the question just because some questions were asked twice. Second, the questions are in order by when they were asked. Now, read on! :-)

If you were to get one more doll, who would it be?
I'm glad you asked. I would really like a doll with brown eyes, brown, curly hair, and dark skin. It's MAG #46, however, I would like to see what the GOTY 2012 and new historical look like before I purchase this girly.

How do you personalize your header?
I create my header using Photoshop or iPhoto, and then customize it with my photos, text, and color.

When did you get your first doll?
I got Kirsten in the summer of 2005. I only remember that because of a 1st Grade Journal Entry I wrote just after it:
For those of you who can't read my 1st Grade Handwriting or lame grammar, here it what it says (this is directly from the paper):
This summer I went to Minnasota and I went to my Causins house there and when I got there and I saw My Aunt and My cosin Looking at a Doll Magasin and I told them I wat a Amacan girl doll and my Aunt yes.

I think you can figure out what I was going for. :-) Actually it did happen like this! I had to pay half with my aunt and we ordered Kirsten and her Midsummer Outfit.

How do you juggle having 2 blogs, a Youtube, Flicker (etc...)?
It's hard. I focus more on IHAG (which is the reason for less posts on the NP) so YouTube is just second to that. With iPhoto, I can directly upload my pictures from iPhoto to Flickr. I try to make it all work.

Where do you live? (state, city (maybe)?
I can't give my city away, but I do live in Tennessee!

Do you have a fan mail address?
I don't have a snail mail address (but would you like that?) but I do have an e-mail address where you all can send me anything! Just check my 'Contact Me' page for more info.

How old are you?

How did your blog become so cool/awesome? (because it is :P )
Thanks! Hmmm.....  I don't know how to answer this, but I guess I just put a lot of my effort into it. If you think your blog is great, others will too! :-)

I was wondering how many AG dolls do you have, and this is random but do you like Pirates of the Caribbean?
I have 3 American Girl dolls and 1 Madame Alexander doll. Sorry, but I'm not interested in Pirates of the Caribbean, I never got into it.

Which AG pet do you like best?
That I own? I can't decide! But from the ones that I don't have, Ginger!
What's your favorite book and movie?
Book? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Movie? Harry Potter and the Order or the Phoenix.

Who is your favorite GOTY?
Jess McConnell!

If you were to do another contest, what would it be?
Probably my Earth Day Photo Contest or a Spring Photo Contest.

Other than American Girl, what's your favourite place to get clothes for your dolls? 
Hmm..... I don't really buy a lot of non-AG brand clothing, but I do enjoy making them!

Also do you like other dolls besides AG?
I like Madame Alexander Girlz dolls! (Kaylen, Catherine, Natalee)

What is your all time favorite doll, even if you have it or not?
I don't have a favorite doll in my collection. But I guess for one that I don't have, Jess!

I had a lot of fun doing this! I may do it again sometime in the summer.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ask Me Anything ;)

Hey! Last night, I was asking a FormSpring question when I realized how cool it would be to have a FormSpring, but it would be a hassle to handle blogs, a YouTube, and a Flickr. So, tomorrow, I will be creating a post full of your questions- answered! I have wanted to do one of these posts and with my growing number of AMAZING followers, I would like you all to know me a little better. Feel free to comment with any appropriate question about me or my dolls, and I will be happy to answer! Just be sure to comment with your question by midnight tonight, otherwise your question won't be in the post.

Ask a question, leave a comment, get an answer! :-)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Change of Heart {Contest 2 Posts Below!}

Hi! I've had a change of heart.

About a doll.

Whom, until January 6th, I did not like.

Can you guess who it is?

Yes, Miss Kanani.

Surprisingly, my sister received her for her birthday after we were told 'No More AG Dolls' from my parents. 

But anyway, I find Kanani quite cute and she has a great story. It's something every girl can relate too. Although I wish she looked more Hawaiian with brown eyes or black hair, but she's great just the way she is.

She has gorgeous, long, wavy hair....
She looks amazing with side ponytails, yes I did that. :-)

She is such a great character. I would recommend her to anyone! If you have her, or would like to get her, her are some thing you want to know-----

  • To style her hair (and keep the wave in), lightly mist Kanani's hair, use the hair pick on her curls, but start using the brush as you go up. (start at the bottom)
  • Her meet outfit is much cuter in real life- you can't judge from AG's stock photo.
  • Her flower clip can get caught in her very easily, so take it out gently.
Also, my sister getting a 5th doll also means I can get one too. Though I won't be purchasing another dolly any time soon, I am thinking about it.

PS, be sure to enter my contest!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Dream GOTY {Contest Below}

Hi! I am so impressed with the response from my contest that I decided to show what my dream GOTY would look like. Also, you can learn more about her by reading her book 'back covers' and profile for more info.

Meet Aubree
Meet Aubree Duncan, an inspring girl growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. Aubree loves to act and can't wait to perform for others. She's an only child- until her mom finds out she's expecting triplets. Aubree knows she needs to help her mom and dad, but her drama club needs her. Soon she finds herself stuck with lots trouble. Read Meet Aubree to find out what happens next!

The Show Must Go On, Aubree!
With three new little sisters (Harper, Paige, and Julia) and being elected Drama Club president, Aubree finds herself having more fun than ever! But when her best friend Elise shows real acting talent, Aubree invites her in the Drama Club, but then finds out she can't afford it. Can Aubree help Elise, run the Drama Club, and spend time with her family? Find out in The Show Must Go On, Aubree!

Name: Aubree Lynn Duncan
Home: Atlanta Georgia
Best Friend: Elise Rider
Hobby: Acting
Facial Features: Wavy red hair, brown eyes, freckles, Josefina Mold (not shown)
Family: Dad, Mom, and triplet sisters: Harper, Paige, and Julia

Her friend Elise would also be made into a doll. (Caramel hair, brown-eyed doll above)

So what do you think?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

CONTEST- Girl of the Year 2012!

Hey everyone! I am proud to announce my Design the GOTY for 2012 contest! Have you ever wanted to be on AG's design team? Well, now, you basically can! Design what you want the GOTY 2012 to be, submit it into my contest, and you could win fun prizes for you and your doll! Here's what to do:

  1. Design your dream GOTY with photo-editing programs such as Picnik and Photoshop OR you can use the My American Girl Doll Creator. Does she wear glasses? Where does she live? Is she an animal lover?
  2. Save your doll picture and upload it to Flickr, Picasa, or use Blogger to create a post about it. In the description box or post, tell her first and last name and personality!
  3. Comment with the link!
This is a fun and easy with great prizes-

3rd Place Winner- a blog award!
2nd Place Winner- a blog award and blog header made by me! (see my header for example or this post)
1st Place Winner- a blog award, blog header, and this cute hoodie:
Please have your parents permission when entering the contest, because if you win, I will have to ship the hoodie! You can only enter once. This contest ends January 23, 2011. (that gives you 3 weeks)
Be creative! Remember, this is not a contest for who can edit photos the best, I am judging on who is unique!
Tell everyone you know and please enter!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Items for 2011!

Hola! Happy New Years! I hope you enjoy a whole new year full of fun and happiness- and some great new features on my blog! Do you like my header? I designed it with Photoshop and I really like it. I decided to keep my old background since I love it so much, but I will try to change it soon.
Anyways, I do believe I am the first blogger to have the new AG items up! Yay! So enjoy it:

Kanani. I don't like the doll, however I am excited to read her story, anxious to see what her contest's like, and debating whether I should purchase her swim suit or not.
New MAG outfits and accessories!

This is the Breakfast in Bed Set...... 
And the Sweetheart Pajamas. These are just weird.
They also have the special occasion dress. Again, weird.

And new historical outfits! Yay! Unfortunately, Felicity is gone, but they updated each HC collection with a new Spring Outfit!
I love Molly's blue outfit! I wish I had her so I could have an excuse to buy it! :-)
They also, of course, updated the site, however the Fun for Girls Section is a little messed up.

What do you like? What do you dislike? Comment below!