Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old or New: (Yes, another!) This or That?

Hey girls! Today, here's a NEW This or That? about outfits. Enjoy!
Outdoor Play Outfit (left) or Hiking Outfit (right)
I love both of these! I think both of these outfits are cute and I love the colors on each, but personally (since I already own the Outdoor Play Outfit) I will have to go with the Hiking Outfit!

Coconut Play Outfit (left) or Coconut Fun Outfit (right)
Absolutely the Coconut Play Outfit! I love the bright colors, the cute casualness of it, and just the overall look of it- if it was still available, I would so buy it!

Ballet Outfit (left) or Ruby Ballet Outfit (right)
I think both of these outfits are cute, but I like the Ruby Ballet Outfit the best. I love that there's no pink and how detailed it is!

Beach Pajamas and Slippers (left) or Kit's Striped Nightie (right)
I really like the Beach Pajamas the best. The nautical colors and themes is adorable and the navy blue really complements Kit better than a pink night gown. 

So, what do you think?

ps. You can check older This or That?s on my sidebar. :-)


AGdolldivas said...

Oooh! I had no IDEA some of those things even EXISTED!It was great reading this!

Georgia said...

My choices :)

1. The hiking outfit

2. Coconut Fun outfit :)

3. Um... That is really hard I dont have a favorite because their both so cute...

4. Kits nighty for sure!!!

I hope you are HAVING fun on your trip or you HAD fun

Love- Georgia

Emma said...

1. Right
2. Left
3. Left
4. Right

Emmie Johonna said...

Almost the same pics as Georgia but…
1.) Outdoor Play Outfit because I love everything about it! I really wish I would have got it for my sweet Marlena!(Lanie) Plus, the graphic on the newer shirt is waaaaaay too big, the shorts aren't as detailed, but the shoes are awfully cute!
2.) We have the Coconut Fun Outfit for who knows why…. I like the cargos and shoes in the Play outfit but they are crazily similar to the shorts in the Play outfit above.
3.) Ooooooooooo……. Ballet Outfits! We're suckers for any dance outfits and we REALLY like both of these…..
4.) Awwwwww…. Sweet little Kit! I'm surprised I haven't gotten her by now… or any of her stuff….. But if I got her, I'd give her both of these jammies because they're so flippin' cute!
That's all for now! I love these! Do more!

Alyssa :) said...

Hmm... that one's hard

I guess I have a different taste than you, Gabby, and some others. I don't really like the right of the first one and the left of the second one..

Julie and Allie said...

Cool pictures! i like the ribbon idea for their hair. We might on Josefina. Check out our blog at !