Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Innerstar U Campus Guide and world! (GIVEAWAY 5 POSTS BELOW)

Hey! Yes, I got the campus guide! I though this was a very good buy considering that I may not get another doll. (More on that later). But it's so much fun! My user name is Adalyn10 so friend me please!

Anyways, here are some photos with info!
This is the package it comes in! Because I got the InnerstarU outfit, I had a charm....
It's a very big necklace but you can adjust it so it isn't really a problem.
The poster that comes with it. It also folds back into a booklet with you codes.
Now for the screenshots!

This is the first part of the game after you've entered your codes. I chose a reddish blonde girl....

I chose the Virtual Girl with reddish-blonde hair and hazel eyes. She kind of looks like me so I used her! I also added freckles and earrings.

When I got to the world, I immediately played some games to earn points for stars so I could buy things with breaking the bank.

I tried a fun game at U-Shine Hall called Melody Maker. You can choose a instrument, a song, and then you go for it! First you practice the song....
Then you can perform it!

You can also create a cupcake at the U-Rah-Rah Spirit Center. 

It's a very fun game! I don't like how AG is drawing girls to the internet but it's cool game if you just want to take a break from something or if you have nothing to do.
I haven't spent any of my money yet just because I want to save it first, but when I do I will take some screen shots of it!

I'd love to meet up sometime! Comment or E-mail me your use name and we can meet up and become friends!



Alexis (Lexi) said...

Cool ! I am sending you a request if it ever load I am Gabrielle53!

Alexis (Lexi) said...

Innerstaru said that their isn't an account by the name Adalyn10

Rebecca said...

I got the campus guide with a new (and probably last) doll I was going to buy anyways and it is a pretty good game! I am Rebecca100!

Phoebe said...

I've had an Innersar U account for a couple of weeks now, my user is Gwendolyn6, try to friend me!

Anonymous said...

innerstaru♥lover said
you are so luky t o have the doll I need 17$ stinken $ in this house is so hard to get (answer) yes

Anonymous said...

innerstaru♥lover said
i am a new to looking at your blog and love it for some reason though my email can't get to yours any way theres a doll i want it's doll # g1942(no specific clothes) could you put it up on "Our Dream Dolls" and her name is Jayden Rose

Shari said...

I didn't know you could get access to Innerstar U without buying a doll. I looked for this on the AG website, but I couldn't find it. How much does it cost?

Gabby said...

The access was in the InnerstarU Campus Guide which wasn't advertised on the web site. I found a special link at some other blogs to get it but unfortunately the offer expired about 2 weeks ago.


Shonn Piersol said...

My daughter just got Elizabeth for her first American Girl doll. I just read that all new dolls should have the campus guide. We did not receive one. What should we do to get her access?

Gabby said...

Hi! That's so cool that your daughter got Elizabeth- she's adorable and I'm sure she will love her!

The Campus Guide is a pamphlet that only comes with My American Girl Dolls. Unfortunately, because Elizabeth is a Historical Character, she did not come with one. However, there are many InnerstarU codes for sale on eBay (although they are about $35.00), codes are sometime given away on YouTube, you can also use the free trial at American Girl's site where girls can play 4 games and look around, or you can purchase an InnerstarU book which comes with a code allowing the reader to access InnerstarU for 14 days.
I'm sorry I couldn't have helped more,

Carly said...

Hi I love AG I am trying to get a code. do you know where I can find one cheap? thanks!!!!!!!1

Jae said...

Where do you get Campus guides?! I want a membership so badly but i cant have another doll. Do you know where you got your Campus Guide? Please Respond.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have four dolls already and one does have a star code and doll code but i forgot my id and password. I also threw away my codes. What do i do?